He wasn’t the Billionaire CEO and I wasn’t his Personal Assistant.  We sat in opposite cubicles amongst a sea of meercats, heads bobbing up and down as they sold Insurance policies.

Awareness happened slowly, a casual glance, a smile, and finally a word that broke the ice.  Nothing too personal at the start but there was heat in his eyes when I dared to meet them.

Next, came the post-it notes, each morning a different one placed carefully on my screen.  First, it was a doodle of a rose, next just the word “Coffee?” which he duly collected on my reply. It went on like this for days, the electricity spiking between us as the innuendos escalated.

One morning the note just had a large X and looking up I understood his meaning as he winked. Feeling flustered I got up and headed to the stationery cupboard to replenish supplies and cool down.  As I entered the storeroom I became aware of someone behind me.

Turning, I saw him as he kicked the door closed.

He advanced and came close to me, his breath feathering into my neck.  I could feel the heat of his body and I inhaled deeply his unique combination of sweat and cologne.  Soft fingers stroked up the side of my face spreading into my hair, pulling me close.

I held my breath as finally his lips claimed mine and I melted into his embrace.  I moaned into his lips and he growled. He tasted of coffee and cookies and I thought it fitted him so, tasty but oh so naughty.

We were late back to our desks that day and many days after that as we embarked on our cupboard love.

Years later as I looked at the faded post-it stuck to our fridge door I would remember our first kiss.