I gave this book a very confident 4 Stars

Chase Williams is real, or so I thought when I discovered his blog about living in Italy! What an inspired move by the author to create a whole reality around this character. I was quite shocked to realise that he was really a girl and the author.

Chase may be a member of the ‘Sherlock Holmes Club’ but his style of detecting is much less cryptic. He watches and waits, letting the pieces fall where they will, just waiting for the right moment to catch the killer. There was some lovely tongue in cheek moments, especially between him and his Italian friend, Angelo. I can still smell that cigarette smoke.

I loved how all the characters swirled around each other as the tensions built the momentum towards the climax.

I was even reading in an Italian accent! Excellent!
All in all this was a very enjoyable journey although I do want to know why Chase left Scotland Yard, a bit mysterious and a secret that I hope is revealed in future books. I will have to search it out.

I recommend this book for light, easy, enjoyable moments. Suitable for anyone, except perhaps collectors of snow domes! You will have to read the book to find out what I mean by that comment!