Lily and Edna, two sisters true,

One had a pink rinse, the other blue

No-one told them the rollers had to come out.

In fact, just the mention made the two ladies pout

Secret lovers of gin, they loved to partake.

A still they did build, down there by the lake

As the twilight arrived, they’d sneak to their shed

By morning they would wake, with one hell of a head

This secret they kept, all through the years

Through marriages, children, the love and the tears

No one suspected their happiness lay

In large jugs of moonshine at the end of the day

The little health issues and the slight wobbly leg

In truth was the result of downing a full keg

They both got arrested for being too drunk

Stealing a lipstick and hitting a punk

Minds sharp as a button, hearing aids in the ear

They sweet talked the Judge, now they’re both in the clear

So when you go visit with Gramps and Grandma

Don’t be so fooled when they ask who you are

Remember the sisters at the top of this tale

Gramps and Grandma are likely drunk on real ale

They play all of us without any shame

Experts all round in this Alzheimer’s game

And as Lilly and Edna retire for the night

The sight of their still is a wonderful sight

And look Gramps and Grandma have joined in the fun

They all sit and ferment till the birth of the sun

For my wonderful Great Aunts – Gloria and Marjorie – who wanted me to write them a poem but insisted on an alias, which I believe is because of their criminal records and a wish to keep the still a secret.