Lying to Myself
By Rita Ames
I didn’t eat that chocolate bar
It never passed my lips
I do not know where it has gone
What do you mean it’s on my hips?
You’re not a friend if all you say
Is “Are you sure you want it?”
A friend would understand my needs
“Of course I bloody want it!”
The aftermath of shame and guilt
Is often hard to bear
I think I need to follow through
With ice-cream, but I won’t share!
I need to buy a dress today
To wear to a special event
My last dress won’t do up at all
I think I need a tent.
I need you friend to help me choose
A sexy dress to wear
And yes I want to hear the truth
So tell me, if you dare
As I walk out in my chosen dress
Your glowing words are all I hear
I see some fat girl in the mirror
You’re lying, that much is clear
I know you’re trying to cheer me up
As I bemoan being on the shelf
I’ve hardly eaten today, I say
Truth is, I’m lying to myself