We started as neighbours, Mr Smee and me

He wore brown leather sandals and socks to the knee

He’d stand at his door while checking his post

Drinking hot tea and eating marmite on toast

One day as I passed his face held a frown

He stood at his door in a pink dressing gown

I remembered Mum saying ‘his Mother just died’

He looked up, our eyes met, ‘It suits you’ I lied

It was his Mums and it made him feel better

He forgot that he wore it as he picked up his letters

I said ‘Wanna help with my newspaper round?’

He squealed with delight, what a wonderful sound

He disappeared into his house just like that

And emerged wearing mittens and a blue bobble hat

We talked as we walked and sometimes we laughed

I discovered Mr Smee was not really that daft

I said ‘Mr Smee you can help me again’

Then all of a sudden it started to rain

We ran quickly inside and I shouted to Mum

‘This is my friend’, and she said ‘In you come’

Their eyes met and locked and I suddenly felt sick

What had I been thinking, was I really that thick?

They fell in love, and married that year

I watched at their wedding eyes filling with tears

He looked very smart, in his suit and a tie

But that was not what caught everyone’s eye

As they looked at his feet it was plain to see

His brown leather sandals and socks to the knee

Now we walk down the road, one tall and one short

And when people laugh I have only one thought

It’s not what you look like that matters a jot

He is my Dad, and I love him a lot

We started as neighbours, my Dad and me………