Mr Fidge and Mrs Fidge are normally very happy people, but recently Mr Fidge has been having some problems.  He just can’t seem to get a good night sleep.  He tosses and turns, and rolls about all over the bed, keeping himself and Mrs Fidge up all night!

“Oh this will never do” Mr Fidge said one morning after sitting down to his toast with marmalade and a cup of tea, “I will have to find some way of getting a good night sleep”
“Well, why don’t you talk to some of our friends?” Mrs Fidge asked, “Maybe they will be able to help you”.
“That is a good Idea, I shall do that today” Mr Fidge said, wondering who would be able to help him with his sleeping problem.

As soon as Mr Fidge closed his front door he saw Bertie the Milkman delivering some milk to his neighbour.
“Oh hi there, Mr Fidge, how are you today?”  Bertie asked from over the hedge.
“Well Bertie, I am having some problems trying to get a good night sleep”
“Oh I see” Bertie replied “Well I do know something that might help you”
“Oh really?” Mr Fidge asked, “please can you tell me?”
“Certainly.  All you need to do is, have a glass of warm milk before you go to bed.  That will help you sleep” Bertie handed Mr Fidge two pints of milk over the hedge, and walked back to his milk float.
Looking at the two pints of milk, Mr Fidge couldn’t wait to try Bertie the milkman’s idea.  He then headed off to work.

Mr Fidge worked hard all day at work, and when home time came, he thought that he would take a quick trip to the local library. He really enjoyed reading, and normally visited the library at least once every week.
As the library wasn’t that busy today, Mr Fidge decided to talk to Massie the librarian.
“Hello Mr Fidge” Massie said looking over her glasses from her desk.  “How are you today?”
“Well Massie, I am having some problems trying to get a good night sleep”
“Oh dear” Massie replied “When I find it hard to sleep, I normally grab a really long and boring book. Not that there are many of those” Massie winked.
“Where would I find one of those?” Mr Fidge asked.
“Just over there, in the old boring book section, right at the back of the library”
“Oh thank you very much Massie!”  Mr Fidge headed towards the back of the library to find an old boring book.
“Ah-ha” Mr Fidge said as he picked up a very long and very dusty book “The complete listing of all things boring. This should do the trick” Mr Fidge took the book to the library desk and checked it out.

As Mr Fidge left the library he recognised one of his friends walking down the footpath, looking closer he noticed it was his friend Sally, who taught at the local primary school.
“Hello Mr Fidge” Sally said as she stopped to greet him, holding her school books in her arm. “How are you today?”
“Well Sally, I am having some problems trying to get a good night sleep”
“Oh that’s not so good” Sally said “When the kids at school are restless, we sing some songs, and lie down on a comfy rug. That usually knocks them out for the count, for a while”
“Oh that might be a good idea” Mr Fidge replied “I will have to try that tonight”
“I hope it works for you Mr Fidge” Sally replied as she said goodbye.

It was starting to get late, so Mr Fidge decided to head back home.  Remembering the ideas his friends had suggested; some warm milk, an old boring book, and singing some songs.  Mrs Fidge had prepared a lovely meal for Mr Fidge, Chicken, gravy and mashed potatoes, Mr Fidge’s favourite.
“That was a lovely dinner dear” Mr Fidge said as he stretched “I think I will go sit on my seat in the living room for a while, before I try out those ideas”.
Mr Fidge walked into the living room and sat down.
Moments later Mrs Fidge heard strange noises, “What could that be?” She wondered.  “Oh goodness me, he is snoring” She exclaimed, as she walked into the living room and saw Mr Fidge fast asleep.  “He must have had such a tiring day; he didn’t even need those ideas after all”