The story is about a man named Jacob(Jakes) Patrick Wallace who is sent back in time over various lifetimes. He thus carries knowledge of a global plague called the Husk plague, that causes people to go crazy and bloodthirsty, that will spread throughout the earth and that leaves only him with the power and knowledge to try and stop it.

Throughout the book he deals with various people in his life including a love interest named Julia Baldacci and his younger brother named Andy. This first book mainly sets the scene of the oncoming plague by giving glimpses of the future in 2017 etc but mainly plays out over a period starting from 1995 up to date. The ebola virus which ravaged west Africa during 2014 plays a central theme in the book and helps to set the pace of the oncoming plague. The antagonist in the story is for the first part mainly played by a man called Rudansky who forms part of a larger group of people which is mainly referred to as the Company. The Company helps to set the scene for a larger worldwide conspiracy which dates back as far as the early 1600’s. With the VOC as the main background of this conspiracy, hence the settings in Amsterdam. Jakes however also starts to develop certain abilities which helps him to be stronger, faster and even some psychic abilities which helps him throughout the book from time to time. Later in the book it becomes clearer that even the main antagonist Rudansky is merely a puppet for the bigger threat namely a man called Lord Wittenheer who is the creator of the company and who has lived since the 1600’s. Later in the book it also becomes clear that this man also happens to be the father of our main character unbeknownst to the main character though which is off course only revealed to him at the very ending of the book.

The book ends with Jakes still in 2014 facing off against his father in a dream that he had, setting the scene for the second book which bring us closer to the release of the actual virus and the effect it will have on civilization, with the virus taking a equal but secondary role to Jake’s main battle with the company who is still trying to reclaim the world as their own.



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4.0 out of 5 starsAn Engaging Sci-Fi Novel 24 Aug. 2015
A young man named Jacob must relive his life over and over again in life cycles he calls “rounds”. As the main protagonist, he needs to fight off the impending virus that’s about to destroy most of Earth’s population. I really enjoyed the premise of “8th Round”. It contains a lot of intrigue, mystery and Sci-Fi. It was quite difficult to remember all the characters in the beginning because right away we are introduced to many of them. But this book definitely offers a chilling outlook on the Earth’s future with plenty of plot twists and surprises to keep you entertained. I enjoyed the South African setting of this book as well as the unique cultural references. The quotes at the beginning of chapters were also a nice touch. Usually when I read books like this, they’re set in America so this was a refreshing take on the traditional “Plague-Outbreak” thriller.
The file size for this book is huge however, because it is an identical “textbook-like” copy of the real book. I didn’t like that aspect and I wished the author had converted this to a proper ebook format. Lastly, I think the synopsis is too long and reveals too much about the book. Overall I would give this book a 3.9/5. If you have Kindle Unlimited like I do, it’s definitely worth a read.

5.0 out of 5 starsCaptivating! 28 Aug. 2015
This book was an absolute fascinating read! The author did an original and interesting take on the apocalyptic/sci-fy genre and did a wonderful job making it absolutely captivating. It was a page turner from beginning to end, and had action and intrigue and suspense around every corner. The story line and plot are crafted so skillfully, that it actually had me pondering the cataclysmic situation humanity could endure in a not distant future in reality. Very thought provoking and slightly horrifying to think about! Author did a great job all around and I can’t wait to see what is next!

5.0 out of 5 starsThrilling on every page! 23 Aug. 2015
Now this is interesting. 8th round is a really different entry into the science fiction / post-Apocalyptic genre. It’s intriguing, unique, and very well developed of a story as you go through it – I could actually really see this being made into a series. You follow Jakes as he struggles to find a way to finally save humanity from a deadly virus that has destroyed them for years. Time travel, to sci-fi, and even zombies are all perfectly mixed into this awesome thriller. Really happy I decided to download this.

5.0 out of 5 starsAmazing book!! 25 Aug. 2015
8th round to Me, is simply amazing. This book has left me speechless for several days, and I hope that I am eloquent enough to pull off a review that does this book the justice that it deserves. Obviously, I think it’s amazing.The main characters experience effects him and everyone around him…everyone grows and changes for th e better after it….well worth the read! =)