A verbal feast that leaves you wanting more…and more.

Karisma Montgomery is known the world over for her beauty and talent, and certainly no stranger to men longing to have her. Paolo Montovani is an assured businessman with a secretive life, who is inexplicably drawn to Karisma. Enough so that he’s willing to go against tradition and his family’s expectations to be a part of her life. With instant chemistry and passion, Karisma and Paolo learn quickly that when two people connect who were meant to be together, you can handle more than you’d ever imagined—especially when every emotion is made stronger through an inexplicable desirable and intense sexual attraction. They are tested plenty with jealous ex’s and influences from the world around them. Yet, they both keep a few secrets, fearful of how those secrets might conflict with their commitment to each other. In the end, can intense sexual energy and a connection of the souls overcome their secrets? Will Karisma and Paolo be able handle everything that has become a part of their lives?

About the Author

Lili Porter is an author of sensual romance and this is her first full-length novel. You are invited to visit her website, www.lilipadpublishing.com and read her romance shorts, as well as experience how she can tantalize her fan base one sensual story at a time.