Coconut oil is one of the healthiest edible oils on this planet. It is very stable and quite versatile. It has culinary, cosmetic, and even industrial uses. It also has numerous medicinal and healing properties that make this invaluable to the greater populace, especially those living in the East. In fact, people in the tropics and subtropics use coconut oil extensively on a day-to-day basis.Many people living in the West are still hesitant about using coconut oil. This may stem from the misinformation campaign in the 1990’s that all coconut based products are bad for the health, and that it causes all manners of coronary ailments and diseases.This reputation is quite undeserved, and is the farthest thing from the truth.This book exposes the truth about coconut oil: from its humble origin, to its numerous health benefits. You will discover exactly how this product got its bad reputation from the press.This book also contains tips on how to buy the best kinds of coconut oil, how to incorporate this in your daily diet, and how to make your own coconut oil-based beauty care products and food supplements.You will also learn a number of tasty coconut-oil based recipes, from breakfast items, to main dishes, and even desserts. You will also discover new ways of using coconut oil as DIY shampoo, hair conditioner, and massage oils.

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Wellnesia Press is the lifelong work of two dedicated Registered Nurses, Tonny M, RN, BSN and Margaret M, RN, BSN, INP. This a husband and wife team addicted to scoring health and wellness touchdowns. Margaret is the Clinical research queen while Tonny is all things naturopathy!. Tonny M Ford, RN, BSN, PHN is a Registered Nurse with clinical experiences ranging from Intensive care unit to teaching newly graduated nurses to working for home health and hospice patients. Working with hospice patients prompted me to think outside the box to find other natural ways that can promote health and well being. My philosophy is: prevention is better than cure!Reading through many scholarly and evidence based articles, i was attracted and mesmerized by the power of essential oils to enhance wellness. These wonderful natural oils have the ability to combat illness. For instance, i always took zyrtec daily for my allergies. Lo and behold, i tried Eucalyptus essential oil and the rest is history. (Disclaimer, these are my experiences and yours can be different. Please consult your physician before trying anything, including essential oils, that can affect your health). I can happily say that essential oils and a glass of real vegetable smoothie daily has changed my life.I have dedicated my life to studying and analyzing essential oils and i hope by you reading one of my books that i can empower you with adequate information to make your own informed decisions. Please remember to consult your doctor and loved ones before using essential oils.I would like to welcome you to our blog, This is a platform for discussing all things essential oils. Come on and tell us your experiences with essential oils. We can all learn from each other, after all, the world is just a global village.