Before my birth

And yet I lived

A Mother’s hope

A precious gift

Floating, soaring

On thermals of air

My pre-life lived

Without a care

Brutal out into the light

Of love, tears, pain and sorrow

Real life is now in flight

I age with each tomorrow

Urge is strong to now regress

Into that pre-life state

Life’s pleasures often bring distress

With too much on my plate

Falling, falling into darkness

Heartbreak drives me down

My feet stuck ever in this madness

I’m just some shallow clown

Before I lived, I showed such promise

Could be just anything

Now I live insane extremis

It’s all the same, the song I sing

Death nears and reaches out

Frosty fingers to my heart

It’s now, when I don’t feel so stout

I’m fighting never to depart

Legacies are fleeting gifts

Left lonely in conclave

An attic box through which to sift

Remember me in my grave

….And acknowledge that I lived!