We want to talk about your two books in the Pelagius Game series.  Valstain and Born Villain.  Can you give us a bit of a background on the setting of these books?

The majority of Valstain takes place at a secret, religious order in Cooksburg , Pennsylvania, between 1960 -2009. Valstain is told through the eyes of former priest turned vampire, Timothy Anderson. Born Villain, the second book in the series, continues the journey of immortal heroes, Timothy Anderson and Scott McCree, as they battle evil in an attempt to bring balance back to the Church, and win the Pelagius Game for God’s side.


Mixing religion with Fantasy must create such an interesting playing field for your work.  Do you ever find readers posing opposition to the combination of the two, or appeasement?

To be honest, I found both opposition and appeasement. One reader posted on goodreads that I was giving away secret society information and making the Catholic Church look stupid. I’ve received a threatening email, from someone claiming to be from the Church, warning me not to release the books. I had a bit of a lark with that one.  A few other people reviewed the work and said it was fresh and different. It’s just a matter of taste and sanity.


What is the Pelagius Game?

Imagine a chess game between God and Satan. Valstain is the game board and the heroes and villains are the game pieces. Tim believes he is the only piece left alive on God’s team. To survive, he must find the sword of the spirit in order to kill his remaining enemies.  But the weapon is on Holy ground and he is a vampire. How is going to do that? Tim searches for the only member left in the Order of Pelagius he believes he can trust to get him back inside Valstain. That man is Father Michael Olshefski.


Tim, must face some terrifying perils, experience mesmerising sights and encounter the most unusual of creatures, from both the worlds of good and of evil.  What would you say is the most captivating scene from your books?

You bring up good points and I know some of my boys back home are going to say, I’m putting them on and they’re not having it, but I honestly must say for me, it was when Scott McCree, the brazen Scottish warrior, fell in love and let his guard down, that was my moment. Bastard wore his heart  on his sleeve, took some people by surprise.


If you could describe each book using just three words, what would they be?

Valstain: Follow the light

Born Villain: Books on Absinthe


There are a lot factual religious concepts in there, mixed with intriguing plots and then merged together with fantasy elements, such as fighting giant spiders! What inspired you to write the Pelagius Series?

There were some rumours claiming that I came up with the concept to slag off the Catholic Church. It’s just not true. Through knowing some enlightened individuals, I was privy to a private lecture at a cathedral where I witnessed two priests arguing over an old scroll. That’s when I had my ah-ha moment.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself?  When you’re not furiously writing, what does R.J. Jerome do?

He drinks furiously and roots for Manchester City to win the Premier League and UEFA.


What’s your next plan?  Do you plan to write more in the series?

Absolutely. I’m currently writing book 3 which will wrap up this current Pelagius Game.  I’m really excited about the 3rd book, because you can see a major improvement in the writing.  I didn’t know how to write when I released Valstain.  Then we will be heading into Salem, Massachusetts for the 4th book.  Witch time baby.


What’s the plan for after the Pelagius series, do you have another book idea or world of adventure ready to burst onto paper?

That all depends on if I sober up after Manchester City wins the title again. If that happens,  I want to do some spin off books on one of my side characters, Ramona. Who doesn’t like a sexy, badass female warrior?


Finally, if our readers would like to find out more about you or the Pelagius Game series, where can they go?

First off, thank you for your time and for putting up with me.  To find out more about the Pelagius Game series go to


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