Stephan, Let’s start with a few questions about your book, Swiss Recipe to Happiness.

This is your autobiography, correct?  From bring the “Pretzel King”, living the life of a businessman and entrepreneur to selling your company and setting off on a new adventure.  To many, this sounds like a dream.  However there must have been some difficult choices in your life that helped shape your choices.  Can you tell us about some?

Yes this is my memoir. After my parent divorced when I was just 8 years old I lost the desire to be a kid. When I turned 14 I decided to be an adult and when I turned 18, I was already my own boss. Being independent was very easy for me and so was making money, but I never really felt happy. So one day I just decided to seek happiness however I could before success.


You’ve devoted your life to your wife and you are making sure you have enough time to do all those hobbies and pastimes that you hadn’t time for in the past.  From being a busy man with a business to become a busy man with all of your activities, what led you to write your story?

I always wanted to write a book. But I never thought it would be an autobiography. Around 6 years ago, when my wife Birgit left the U.S. for 5 weeks to return to Switzerland I was alone with my doggie Rocky on board of my yacht and was inspired to write my life story.


Even when you look at the cover of “Swiss Recipe to Happiness” it looks like you have had quite an adventure.   What has been the most exhilarating part of your adventure?

There was so many 🙂 But when I sailing with my small 27′  sailing boat across the communist Albania coast in 1982 it was exhilarating!


You were the “Pretzel King”? How did you get into the Pretzel Business? 

My dad introduced me to the pretzel business.


To those who are starting to on their careers, and are dreaming of one day owning their own yacht, and living the life they dream of, what words of guidance would you give?

If you have a goal be passionate, diligent and smart about what you want.


You say you’re not the typical Swiss, in the past you were a businessman, entrepreneur and “Pretzel King”.  I know we don’t like to use labels here, but thinking about yourself now, how would you describe yourself?

I am a connoisseur. I enjoy my wonderful life and I am very thankful. I’ve made the most of my opportunities and I have been very lucky as well and I appreciate every minute of my life.  I think it’s important not to become too full of yourself. Therefore, I always try to be a nice guy and keep my ego in check.


I often think my recipe for happiness, would be some smooth creamy chocolate, (an endless supply) a good Bottle of red wine (or a bottle of port).  Actually best make that a case.  And time with my partner in some idyllic setting.  If you could describe your perfect setting, that moment in time when everything is right, your recipe for Happiness, what would it be?

My perfect happiness is to be together with my love Birgit and our doggie Gigi. This and good health is all I need to be happy.


If you had the opportunity to go back and change something in your past, would you?

Ha ha, yes maybe there are some things, but the life is not a request concert.  There are no do overs.


You must have ticked off quite a few things from your list of things to do.  Is there anything still outstanding?  What’s next for Stephan Bosshard?

I would like to write Swiss Recipe To Happiness part 2.


And finally, Stephan.  If we want to find out more about you and your book “Swiss Recipe to Happiness” where can we go?

You can visit my website at  The book is available in paperback, hardcover, and as an e-book.

Thank you Alan for sharing my passion project with your readers. 


You can purchase a copy of a Swiss Recipe to Happiness from Amazon