Kenneth Fultz Jr. (Author), Aline Diniz (Nidoriko) (Illustrator)

A dethrone prince must gather the ten rings of the kings to save his people from the corruption of the rich and powerful. Kovu starts out as the proud prince to the throne of Eden. However he soon discovers the corrupt truth about his kingdom when he sneaks out of the palace. In a fit of rage he leaves his home, being determined to become the people’s king while his brother Dayo acts as his spy inside the court. Kovu soon learns about the Rings of the Kings and their power to make the greatest king that ever existed. Comes with over 10 manga style illustrations.  


Fast-paced anime style thriller! I’m pretty new to the world of anime, and I’ve never read an anime style novel before but I’m glad I gave this one a try! Kovu is the crown prince, but a betrayal leads to his losing his throne. He then starts on a quest to gather ten rings to save his people and reclaim his power. He meets a to of interesting allies throughout his journey. I loved the character of Busara. Smart and powerful in her own way, she helps him with his quest. The art throughout the book looked great and really helped me picture the characters while I was reading. This book would make a great graphic novel or even a movie! If you like anime, you should definitely give this book a try. I know I’ll be checking out everything else from the author!  


Great manga I really enjoyed reading ‘Kovu: PT. 1.’ This is the first book I’ve read by Kenneth Fultz Jr., but I really enjoy manga so I thought I’d give it a try.  Kovu: PT. 1 is a well developed story that really captivates the reader’s attention and stays true to what I’ve come to expect from the genre. Kovu himself is a classic manga character. The illustrations by Aline Diniz looked really professional, and definitely helped bring the story to life.  Overall, I thought this was a great read and definitely a worthwhile read for any manga fan who is looking for a compelling story to try out.