Look up into the sky

There is someone out there for you

It might be me or someone else

And they surely will adore you

Flowers always bring a smile

If given out of love

I would walk ten thousand miles

To be your turtle dove

Just be ready when love finds you

It never has a plan

A hardened heart will never win

Stay open if you can

Try to do those little things

That bring a smile and then

Good fortune will alight on you

Somehow, somewhere, some when

Working hard towards your goal

A must in this New World

Be warned it may fragment your whole

Into an abyss you may be hurled

Stay grounded in reality when

Emotion rules the castle

Let your flights of fancy free

When discovering love’s sweet parcel

Cherish all the kinds of love

That pass you by in life

Value the love of friendship true

Make a best friend of your wife

That elusive never ending search

Make this a life long vow

Never stop hoping for that spark

Keep asking ‘Love Where Art Thou?’