Avast Matey, welcome aboard the M.S. Nocturna, a ship on the nether reaches of an exotic ocean in search of hidden treasure and witchy artifacts.

Join the good-shippin’ crew of scallywags, strange sea-creatures, and a fearless captain who simply must have a magical book that lies in the hands of a great, treacherous witch – Vuuya. The journey takes the fantastical crew to a mystical island of unimagined deceit and adventure. All is not as it seems as they encounter a village, and a people from a different time, determined to protect and preserve the very thing the pirates of the Nocturna have come to claim. Ayyy, it’s a rollicking fun adventure, with plenty of robust thrills and sea-going turns to satisfy the hardiest of pirate-loving souls. Meet Colette, a sharp-shooting beauty destined to captain her own ship, Dunklestein, a great-white deckhand, and Jim, the strangest of them all with a terrible secret bound to his arm. Download Nocturna League today and sail the high seas with a motley crew and a captain on the edge. There’s nothing quite like the feel of sea-spray on your face and a gun on your hip.


Born of earthly parents on an island nation, Kell Inkston was nurtured with a love of literature and now professes a need to change the planet…one word or one fictional world at a time. Claiming a single spouse, the writer has thus far refused to share genetic information, allowing for maximum mysteriousness. Kell loves telling stories, recharging on the emotional impact those tales generate. Backed with a creative writing degree, Inkston writes with passion, a unique twist on reality, and has the uncanny ability to embrace both the dark and the light for the sake of the story. Since 2009, Kell Inkston has penned numerous Fantasy and Sci-Fi books, focusing on creating art for people who don’t know they like to read. Explore what this writer has to offer and download a free book at kellinkston.com. When not challenging preconceived notions between the pages of non-traditional literature, Kell seeks fulfillment through music from the past, fine foods, running, and the bliss of nature. It’s rumored bellowing “Inkston” from a rooftop may grant you a reply, but should that fail try kellr.inkston@gmail.com. Going to kellinkston.com would also be a considerable strategy.