Having problems getting your baby or toddler to sleep?
Bought countless books covering only theory but don’t really work? These are reasons why you SHOULD buy and read this book:

* This book is not about expert advice.
* The people mentioned are REAL parents with REAL strategies that they themselves have used and worked.
* It is EASY TO READ without a truckload of medical jargon.

Every child is unique and of course, come from different cultures and family backgrounds.
Tap on their ideas and use them. Because over here, we know that there is no one-size-fit-all solution. We do not any method that is ‘guaranteed’ and end up not working.
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About the Author

I was a grade school teacher, author and a mother of two. I recently chose to be a Stay-At-Home-Working-Mum in order to take better care of my kids. Just like all parents, I have done tons of research about baby sleep prior to the birth of my kids. However, most strategies do not work as they described too much about theory and not real-life experiences. It was too frustrating until I started talking to other parents who use similar methods but able to tweak them to suit their lifestyle and home environment.

Therefore, I started interviewing parents (mostly mothers) from all around the world to find out what the exact methods they used, how and when to use them. I decided to share with the other though my first book ‘The Best Guide to Baby Sleep: Real Solutions from Real Parents’. Look out for my next ebook, where I’ll share even more ideas from my own experience and parents around the globe about baby sleep!


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