So tell us a bit more about the book “The Crumb Snatcher” We could hazard a guess, as to what this story may be about, but do tell us more.

A hot, sexy, rollercoaster ride of jealousy betrayal and intrigue.  It’s quite a mix we have here, and this is all thrown into the pot with a murder.    The story must get intense at times, can you give anything away?  What is the most intense scene?

The most intense scene is where Detective Minter’s true agenda is revealed.

What sets “The Crumb Snatcher” apart from other erotic, murder mystery titles?  Many books that are listed as erotic contain more sex than plot.

The Crumb Snatcher is a pot-boiler murder mystery with the sex lives of the characters running as a separate thread that ties it all together.

Tell us, are the deadly secrets of Francesca Sommers and Allison McAllister related.  Is there something sinister afoot?  Or is it by coincidence that both Henry and Matthew encounter these most foul situations after their steamy encounters?

YES and YES to the question about Francesca and Allison’s relationship, however, there is a bit of irony even in that.  As for Matt and Henry, their situations are totally different.  Matt is married to a cold fish control freak that no one has ever said no to and gotten away unscathed.  She is a shrew and a bully, whose comeuppance will make the reader rejoice.

Who is the most heroic of the characters from “The Crumb Snatcher?”  And who is the most villainous.

Detective Nikki Jemison is definitely the true hero and without a doubt Allison McNulty is the most villainous.

You have set up your own publishing firm?  That’s quite an adventure in itself, what led you to do this?

I set up my own publishing company for a few reasons.  Submitting a manuscript to the big guns is often an exercise in futility.  Big companies are often reluctant to take a chance on new writers and they are not always expeditious with their rejection.  Also, many times when an editor at a big publishing house finishes with a work, it is hardly recognizable by the author.  Setting up my own publishing company allows me a lot of latitude with creative control.  The books are edited for grammar and continuity only.  Real life cannot be edited, that is to say once we commit to a certain action rarely can we go back and erase it and do it over.  I want people to relate to my imperfect characters and their real life situations.  I am a storyteller and I don’t want my story altered.  I also create my own covers.

What’s next for Lambkin Walters Lavender Publishing, can we expect more racy titles?

Right now there are at least five more books near completion and I think people will related well to the characters and their stories. 


What other titles do you have on offer now, or coming soon?  Or perhaps you have a call for submissions?

Right now Deana Walters, Dick Lambkin, the short story writer, Edward Lavender and J. Mactavish Feingold make up Lambkin Walters Lavender Publish.  As for titles, oh my yes!  The Chronicles of Lucian McAllister who is the 37th reincarnation of Lucifer (even devils don’t live forever), Erotic Stories From the Files of Mack Jones, Private Dick, Cigarotica Series, is anthology featuring the PI solving crimes in in the 1930’s in Ohio and pays homage to cigars of that time period, such as the Tampa Sweetheart.  There is also Sing Me A song Miss Lilly Two-Step, The Shredders, The Prisoner of Newton Lower Falls and of course The Unpunished Deed which is the sequel to The Crumb Snatcher. 

We are not taking submissions at this time.

What would be your words of guidance to writers who want to venture into the ever increasing and popular adult themed literature market? 

I think the most important thing to remember is that the difference between erotica and porn is content.   No matter how slamming hot the sex is, the plot needs to include a tightly woven story to keep the reader interested.

Where can our writers find out more information on available books, contact details and even submission information?