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When a man wants to boost their confidence and get better results with women, we look for help from self proclaimed “pick-up artists”. With their gimmicks and code names, they make it seem like you can’t lose. The problem is that you are not a pick-up artist, and a gentleman would not need to seek validation from naive women I’m Sorry, You are Not a Pick-up Artist presents you with choices that highlight an important point in meeting a new partner, and you will have to test your current beliefs to see how the outcome influences your success. The Ethan Gregory Approach is a combination of confidence, preparation, and accountability. You will learn why the rules and standards that men typically use can set you up for failure. Embrace the EGA and see your life open up to new partners and new possibilities. If you liked Choose your Own Adventure books then you will love this book! The make your choice aspect of the book adds an element of fun to the instruction that other dating books don’t have. Let’s learn how to communicate like a grown-up artist, not pick-up artist, and start finding genuine partners. There are many quality women waiting for you to see them as their potential partner, let Dr. G help you succeed with the women in your life. Buy this book and others at the official Dr. Ethan Gregory store, and sign up for his weekly newsletter by visiting


About the Author

I began in the helping profession as a teenager during the middle 1990’s in AOL chat rooms giving advice to other teenagers and adults. My education in psychology, sexual health, dating, and relationships began in high school in the self-help sections of bookstores, learning from Dr. Ruth, Lou Paget, and David Buss about how people act as they do and why. I graduated from Florida State University in 2003 with an undergraduate degree in Family, Child, & Consumer Sciences with a major in child development and minor in counseling. In 2004, earned a Masters in Clinical Social Work degree from FSU. I earned my doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology in 2014 from Argosy University, studying how America and Japan compare in their preferences for partners for one-night stands and marriage. My early work experiences were in social services, adult mental health, and family therapy. I have been in international education since 2008. I worked teaching and counseling in China and Japan. My first Television appearance was on the Tyra Banks Show in Fall 2006. I began writing advice professionally in 2006 for 944 Magazine. Now I am focusing my efforts to writing sex-help texts and developing a digital platform to give advice.