Whitening Harlem: A Study on Gentrification induced Displacement of Persons of Color in Central Harlem

Whitening Harlem is an anthropological research study conducted in Central Harlem that analyzes and explores the complexities of the phenomenon of Gentrification. It presents theoretical concepts, empirical data, and summarizes how gentrification disproportionately affects persons of color regionally. This research study details residents accounts of displacement, poverty, structural racism, and socioeconomic in contemporary New York. Facts about the author. Belinda Merceron was raised in Miami, Fl; she is a Haitian American author, activist, blogger, and photographer. Ms. Merceron specializes in Anthropological studies, race relations, African Studies, Economics, and Women Studies. Ms. Merceron is an alum of the University of Massachusetts Lowell, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in PreLaw; ‘Whitening Harlem’ is Ms. Merceron’s first published study.