In the far future, The Wall connects and controls every facet of life. A terrorist group with the inhuman ability to manipulate electronics with their minds threaten to destroy it and bring an end to civilization. Rember, a man with the same ability, is recruited by Whitewall, the agency dedicated to protecting The Wall and stopping the terrorists. Rember has spent his whole life helping people make the best of their place in the system. When he spontaneously develops the same superhuman ability as a cabal of cyber terrorists, Whitewall brings him in. The government agency is responsible for protecting and maintaining The Wall, the digital backbone and bedrock of society. The same network the cyber terrorists are trying to destroy. He is given no choice but to infiltrate the gang to stop their plans.

About the Author Born in 1981, McAdam has lived in California most of his life, barring 4 years in Virginia at 13.  In that time, he has survived the GrimDark wars of the nineties, the rise of the Net, and the reign of two Bushes.

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