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Bridget West woke up one day and didn’t recognize herself or the life she had chosen. Many poor choices, bad decisions and dead end misfires later, she decided to embark on a reboot adventure for her life.  Her overtaxed friends begged her to widen her circle of confidants and this is her attempt to welcome the world into her personal quest to find meaning and purpose while never losing the ability to laugh at what life throws her way.


Your first Book “Blue Hair Don’t Care is about your experience of losing your job and the events that followed. What will our readers discover about you?

I began this project as an experiment in what it would look like to face my life without fear of failure or judgement from others. I wondered how my choices would look if they weren’t filtered through doubt and hesitation. It occurred to me that starting over means forgiving yourself for mistakes, forgetting the pain, and finding the joy in new discovery. I plugged all this in to my story and came out the other end with a job hunt I could never have imagined was on my horizon.

Losing your job is a daunting experience, and it is all too easy to crumble and not recover. How did you feel during this time, and what helped you find your way out and start your journey of writing “Blue Hair Don’t Care”?

I had a choice between diving under the covers and diving under the waves. No one was that interested in the inner workings of my bed so I opted for the latter plan.

Is there a particular part of the book that you would like to draw our reader’s attention to?

There are many instances in the book where my character experiences setbacks but chooses to interpret them as challenges she can overcome. This is the most important theme for me in the book.

You haven’t really become a mermaid, but we sense that there is an element of humour in your book. Is this the case?

My book is full of humor and double entendres because change and transformation are by the very nature composed of having parts of yourself scattered between the past and the future.

You have a passion for fine beauty products? What would be your favourite product, and what could you not live without?

Lip gloss cures a multitude of sins.

“Blue Hair Don’t Care” is based on the experience of losing your job. Have you drawn inspiration from any other life events?

I believe that growing up should be synonymous with having fun.

Have there been moments in your life that you have celebrated? Can you let us know more about you, what is your fondest memory?

To date my fondest memory was the moment I wrote ‘the end’ in my project. It was a huge accomplishment.

If you had any words of guidance for someone who has been made redundant, what would it be?

It is the universe telling you another fantastic experience is waiting for you. Don’t be afraid to take off and look for it.

If our readers would like to find out more about you and your experiences, where can they contact you?


What’s next for Bridget West? Will you be writing more?

I am working on book 2 of the series and it looks to be every bit as much fun. Bridget’s adventure with gameful employment does not appear to coming to an end.

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(released 8th December 2015)