Book Blurb

Runaway teenager Lilly Lessard has some secrets. For a start, that’s not her real name and she wants to keep her real age on the down-low too. Bumping into ex-hitman Bobby at a small town film festival is no coincidence either. She’s tracked him here. He owes her money and she’s desperate enough to come looking for it.

And she’s not the only one who’s followed Bobby here. Detective Davis is after him too. Davis has been after him in Miami for years, for his role in underage prostitution, but never quite managed to land him. Maybe this weekend she’ll get lucky.

But the closer Lilly gets to Bobby and his money, the closer Davis gets to them both. One by one, their secrets are coming out. And Lilly’s about to find out, the worst secrets are the ones you keep from yourself.


Author Blurb

Lissa Pelzer is a crime novelist and short story writer with a diverse and interesting past.

Born in and raised in the UK, she spent her childhood traveling the world by ship, visiting the Mediterranean countries, the Middle East, and Central America. Her teenage years and early twenties took place in a parent-free Midwestern USA, interspersed with periods spent hostessing in Tokyo. It’s a time filled with memories, unsavory characters and story fodder.

After returning to Europe, she studied Anthropology in Wales and carried out her fieldwork in the French Alps. She continued her studies in London and worked as a P.I before a change of regulations meant a change in career. Since then she has been a bartender, a nightclub champagne slinger, a copy and content writer, a commercial romantic novelist, an entrepreneur and an office slave.

She now lives a relatively normal life in Southern Germany, from where she is slowly bringing her crime material to light.