The Wave by Lochlan Bloom – Pre-orders announced  

ISBN 978-0-9576985-6-7

FORMAT Hardback

DIMENSIONS 220mm x 140mm

RELEASE DATE 29/01/16  

As part of the Publishing The Underground initiative, supported by Arts Council England, pre-orders have now opened for The Wave by Lochlan Bloom – an upcoming literary fiction novel that blends elements of metafiction, screenplay and historical fiction.   Set for release on January 29th 2016, The Wave is one of three hotly anticipated novels Dead Ink will be releasing over the course of the campaign Described as ‘haunting, existential’ and ‘reminiscent of the best of Kafka mixed with quantum physics,’ by BookHive the novel combines three interlocking narratives.  

When μ returns home to find a sinister screenplay has arrived from Brazil it propels him on a quest to find a shadowy character, called Ddunsel. As μ’s search progresses it slowly becomes entangled with two parallel tales – the stories of DOWN, a troubled publisher, and David Bohm, a real-life quantum theoretician in post-war São Paulo.   The Wave is available for pre-order:  

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The first phase of the Publishing the Underground project is a crowd-funding project running until the start of December, when the first book in the series will be published. As well as membership and the various other rewards, readers can pre-order the books themselves which are available as limited edition hardbacks.   “It’s a really exciting time to be doing this and we are seeing lots of interest already from some established players. It feels like the time is right for a real shift in the way the industry connects with readers,” Nathan Connolly, publishing director of Dead Ink said.  

The press is already looking ahead to next year and this month opened submissions for next year’s list.   “New Voices represents the latest in British literary talent and it is a chance for the previously unheard to be showcased on the Dead Ink platform. What this means is you have to support one of the 2015 authors if you want to be one of next year’s authors. That’s what we’re trying to build with Publishing the Underground – a collaborative organisation that supports new writing across the country,” Connolly explained.  


About Lochlan Bloom:

The BBC Writersroom describe Bloom’s writing as ‘unsettling and compelling… vivid, taut and grimly effective work’ and he has written for BBC Radio Scotland, H+ Magazine , Ironbox Films, Litro and Calliope amongst others. For more details visit  

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