On the night before Christmas, snow beginning to fall

Christmas spirit was flowing catching all in its thrall

Their last delivery now complete

The Postal drivers were dead on their feet

All thoughts turned to home, to presents and such

To big Christmas Dinners and drinking too much

They looked to the sky on hearing a noise

And were promptly bombarded by hundreds of toys!

A loud crash and a screech and an oooomph followed that

There may even have been the squeal of a cat

The drivers ran over to the source of the noise

Avoiding the debris and some rolling alloys

They stood with mouths wide, not believing their eyes

Santa and his sleigh just fell from the skies

A little bit dented and very worse for wear

He was frantically checking his toys were all there

‘Hey Mate, how’s it going? One of the men said

‘I may have a problem, Rudolphs hit his head’

They looked at each other, what could they do?

Santa and Christmas were in a bit of a stew

Santa looked up and thought for a while

‘I could sure use some help’ he said with a smile

‘Oh sure, we’d love to’ said the delivery men

‘We’ll do some free overtime up until then’

Santa smiled ‘Here are the clothes you need to wear

You have to dress right if you’re coming up there’

They opened their vans, loaded toys on the shelves

Looking real cute all dressed up as elves

‘Not sure about this’ one said to his friend

‘If anyone sees us we’ll never hear the end’

Suddenly afloat postal vans all took flight

With Santa magic they flew into the night

They delivered the toys all over the world

They sang and they danced all with a twirl

Santa was pleased with his new errand boys

Even if they did make a helluva noise

So if you have a problem then we have the men

Just tell us your needs and then tell us when

Our postal drivers will jump in their van

If you doubt us, then just ask ‘THE MAN’ (SANTA!!!!!!!)