About the Book: We Owned the Night

Dex Rose and his band have finally hit the big time, they’re living their dream on the European leg of their world tour, until one gig and one girl in a small English city changes everything. Millie is just a normal young girl, from a small English town trying to kick-start her fashion career whilst enjoying the summer with her friends, when one night changes her life forever! At a gig watching her favourite band she makes eye contact with Dex, lead singer of the band, she feels electricity rush through her body! Little does she know. So does he! Who is this girl? Are two lives that are worlds apart really about to cross paths? –

Meet the Author:

I am a 30 year old mum of three little girls from just outside the beautiful city of Bath in Somerset. I have been a graphic designer/digital artist for 9 years and i absolutely love my job! my life is one big juggling act between taking care of my three children during the day and running my graphic design business in the evenings…and i even found time to write a book! In my spare time (when i get any!) i love all things art! I enjoy drawing and painting as well as digital art. Writing was never something i really did, or even thought of doing and this book came very much out of the blue for me. Firstly, the fact that you’re reading this at all is amazing in itself! It means I actually saw it through and wrote an entire book without giving up! I’ll be the first to admit I’m a self confessed quitter! I get an idea in my head and run with it, full force for maybe a couple of weeks until the moments passed and the next thing has taken over my mind! Pro or con, that’s the way I like to live, no pressure, just enjoy the things I like whilst I like them. So, in saying that I’m not sure how we got here?!


Question Time:

Can you tell us more about your book “We Owned the Night” what is the main story?

So… ‘We Owned the Night’ is based on the notion that a single moment can completely change the course of your life. The main characters Millie and Dex are living completely different lives, on different sides of the globe, he has no idea she even exists! When one moment crosses their paths. The story then follows both their separate lives over the course of a summer where they coincidently end up in the same places but keep missing each other, until after months of him searching for her and trying to find out who she is, they finally meet! Which is pretty epic! and then there’s the end…. Which I can’t mention because it’s the best bit and I don’t want to ruin it!

Who do you believe your book would appeal to most?

I’ve had great reviews from people aged 16-50! So I think it could appeal to any age if the reader is into that genre. I think the story is quite easy to get caught up in for any reader

I’m sure it would be the dream of many people to catch the eye of a member of their favourite band. How would you describe that magical moment when they both set eyes on each other?

In that moment it’s more of just a familiar ‘do I know you’ sort of thing with them both feeling some kind of connection to each other but as the story progresses, looking back it was more of a ‘Love at first sight’ thing but neither realise it at the time, it only becomes apparent later on.

Is there any particular band member or solo artist that you would like to attract their gaze?

I do have a little thing for a bass player in a real band but no one’s ever heard of him so there’s no point even mentioning his name! J Plus I find if I do mention names I get people saying ‘Ahh that’s who your book is about’ etc.. and it’s not at all. The book was written way before I even knew he existed! And isn’t based on anyone real. I am currently writing a sequel though and I do find being a big fan of a real artist does make it easier to write from a realistic perspective, it’s much easier to get into ‘Millie’s shoes’ this time around.

What was your inspiration behind this book?

I had the idea for the story a few days after being at a gig, I had a dream which involved part of the plot of the book, I guess after being at the gig it was just something that was fresh in my mind and I really wanted to know how the story could end so I started writing it, with no real intention of finishing it or writing a book but I got so drawn into the story I couldn’t put it down.

So your book is currently being promoted through Britain’s Next Bestseller, can you tell us more about this?

Yes, Britain’s Next Bestseller is a great alternative to traditional publishing, which in my opinion is almost impossible to get a book published that way if you’re not already an established author or celebrity! It offers writers a different approach by giving the readers the power to get books they like published. If you make it onto the site with your manuscript, you get a shot at a publishing deal by reaching 250 pre-orders in a set time frame, for me it was 16 weeks, hit your target and you get a publishing deal! It’s as simple as that! Well I say simple, it’s not easy by any means; it means working really hard and devoting a lot of time to promoting your book and yourself, something I was really uncomfortable with at first but it gives me the shot at it that traditional publishers probably wouldn’t. I think traditional publishing is unfair and out-dated so I think this way is a great alternative!

So you are a mother of three young girls, manage a graphic design agency and you’re also a writer, how on earth do you find the time?

I honestly have no idea! When I wrote the book my second daughter was newborn and I just felt like I needed something just for me and that’s when I found writing. After being ‘Mum’ all day long it was lovely to just relax and get lost in another world. The only time I’m able to write is when I go to bed, when it’s silent and I’ve done everything I need to do that day so my mind is clear. I try to write for at least 30 minutes every night.

What will you do next? Do you have a sequel planned for “We Owned the Night” or will you work on something different?

Both. I am writing a sequel which will end the story with the characters from ‘We Owned the Night’ so that will be next but I have also wrote a completely different plot for something new but the problem I have is that I love my characters so much that starting from scratch and building up new characters is a real struggle for me so I’m not sure if I’ll end up writing it or not. I hope so. For now I am just enjoying writing the sequel, it’s less romantic and a little bit darker which has been a nice challenge for me.

What words of guidance would you say to someone who was interested in starting to write?

I once read a quote by Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison that said “If there is a book you want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, you must write it” and for me that was the key! I wrote what I wanted to read, I didn’t have any other reader in mind when writing I just wrote what I wanted to and that helped me to stay interested.

So my advice/guidance would be write what you want to read…… and don’t quit!

Where can our readers find out more about you, your writing and even your work?

I have a Facebook page which follows my publishing campaign https://www.facebook.com/weownedthenight/

Also my own design website www.designeremvy.com where I do occasionally blog

My book promo twitter account is @AuthorMVenn and personal/work Twitter is @DesignerEmvy


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