Question Time

Izzy can you tell us more about your book “Angry Movie Guy” which is due to be released in February 2016.

We certainly get the “Grinch” story that some of us may be familiar with. In the case of “Angry Movie Guy” this character is played by Charlie Zimmerman, can you tell us more about him and why he decided that approach becoming a sensational; verbally incontinent film critic would bolster his career?

Charlie did not write a bad review to bolster his career… it just so happens that after months and years of being pushed aside that Charlie finally undertakes his first opportunity to write a review. It is out of frustration that Charlie haphazardly decides to rip the film to shreds. The review is printed and catches the eye of Harry Pubei, a television executive and friend of Charlie’s Father. It is Harry’s bright idea to turn Charlie into the, Angry Movie Guy. While Charlie regrets his decision of letting Harry mold him into a total asshole… he realizes that before Harry came along he couldn’t get a gig to save his life.

What other characters are portrayed in the book, which readers could potentially connect with?

I think Alexa is a great female character, which readers could also potentially connect with. She is the black sheep, which beats to her own drum and unrelentingly sticks to her ideals, which makes her a strong character, and a target for disaster. She is an oddity in a world where people are self-consumed with ratings, so much so that they will put up with the taunting and ridicule of popular on-air talent like Charlie Zimmerman. She is almost the exact opposite of Charlie at the beginning of the story and I believe that is why it works.

“Angry Movie Guy” is not just the tale of one man’s quest to be the Grinch that stole Hollywood. The story also contains a love story, a quest to win the heart of a loved one that Charlie nearly ruined, and it’s all mixed together with witty dialogue and generous amounts of fun. How would you describe “Angry Movie Guy” in 5 words?

I’ll do one better than that. I will describe it in 4 words. “A barrel of laughs!”

Where did you draw your inspiration for this book, did you ever meet a real Mr Angry Movie Guy?

Charlie is fictional character although, I’ve tangoed with many a sharp tongues in my day… dodging bullets as I drew inspiration from their irrational ranting’s. There is a plague on some minds, young and old, and it grows worse by the day. Therefore, I stay clear of the Angry Movie Guy in my real life.

I suggest those reading this to do the same… read the book instead.

You were an intern for the head of film and television at Dreamworks, what was this experience like, and what did you learn from it?

It was a good experience… I was learning to analyse and explore books to see if they would translate to film. I was able to bring the skill to my own writing and now hopefully my dream of turning Angry Movie Guy into a film will come true.

You’re an actress; singer and you also find the time to manage a boutique media development company as well as writing books. How do you find the time to fit it all in?

It is challenging. I don’t have as much down time as I would like and I’ve pretty much kissed vacations goodbye, but I’m hoping in the near future that will all change. Following your dreams takes great dedication and focus, usually it takes way more than I can afford, but I keep striving for balance in my life.

Where can our readers contact you or find out more about your work?

Please check out: and follow me on my social feeds.


Twitter – @izzychurch222

Instagram – @listentoizzychurch and @angrymoviegal

What will you be working on next, will there be a sequel to “Angry Movie Guy”?

Quite possibly, there could be a sequel. It would be called: Angry Movie Gal, but It’s too soon to say. My hope is that the next time you will encounter these characters, it will be on the screen. It is my dream to adapt the book into a film.

What words of guidance would you share with writers who are starting to tale their own tales?

Find a writing buddy that you trust who will listen to your work and offer you constructive feedback. Don’t ask too many people for advice, unless you really want their response, because believe me everyone has an opinion (good or bad) they will try and influence your work.


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