Hope and Heartbreak

New Years Resolution

I want to keep you safe and yet you enter into danger,

To leave me trailing in the shadows of the dark

I marvel at the faith that gives your feet momentum,

Propelling you towards the light beyond the door

Did we not astound the heavens with the passion of our love?

And show the Angels how true rapture should be done?

Hands and heart reach out so desperately to catch you,

I’m calling out your name, hope fading as you leave

As you step into the light, I see him waiting

Your feet appear to glide across the floor

I relish still the death, of our oh, so sweet mementos

You fly into the new without a backward glance

To you I am now history, to file in neat mind boxes

To me, you are my dreams that haunt me still at night

I can do naught but wish you everything that’s happy

As you soon forget that I was once your life

I stand corrected, the danger that I fear

Is not in what is past but pathways up ahead

My fears have clouded clear perception

A New Year’s resolution is the key

No longer me, your Knight in shining armour

Just a shadow man to caution care before you leap

I spy a gentle face within the crowd of jolly

Someone who could steal my heart anew?

A so farewell sad heartbreak, thank you for the lesson

That not all love should have eternal life

You knew before I did, that our love was not forever

You found the courage that I lacked to say goodbye

As we sing the old year out, I steal a kiss

From lips that bring a hope of love

A new beginning is the key that binds us

On this never-ending carousel of love