Well….my first blog entry has gotten 66 hits. Wow.  Just one more and I’ll be the Devil.  Talking of Devils I’ve been having a Devil of a time getting into my writing this week.
Yes, working 50hr weeks doesn’t help.  My day job involves sorting out medical equipment into the community so it can be pretty stressful and emotional.  This week, it has been ‘National jump up and down on your bed/chair day’ I swear, as everyone seems to be breaking their equipment.  Guess who has to sort out the repairs. You guessed it.  No wonder I need to come home and write about being swept off my feet by a handsome stranger or alternatively killing off a few people in my Thrillers.  Not complaining too much as it has a lot of job satisfaction.  Getting someone home from hospital gives me a feel good moment, keeps the Devils at bay and my halo intact for another day.

Back to talking about Devils.  We writers have to fight them off from all angles.  There is the Twitter Devil (he rules the lot) who time steals your writing hours.  The Facebook Devil (disguised as a ‘FRIEND’). The Direct Message Devil, the apostle of the two aforementioned, sent out into the world to entice hard working writers to stop and chat.

Of course there is also the Distraction devil, you know the one, that keeps us clicking on all of the above in a desperate bid to avoid that horrid corner that we have just written our story into.  It won’t write itself out of trouble you know.  You have to put in some brain work to get back on track.

Oh, and the last little Devil.  The Egotistical Devil when one is asked to write a Feature Blog on a great Writers Community Site and falls for all the flattery, bigging up and general blah blah and spends valuable writing time ermmmm writing something totally nonsensical but hopefully fun to amuse and encourage all those other writers out there.

Okay, now we’ve had our little visit with Distraction Devil, let’s all get down to putting some pages down.

See you in hell.  Hahahahahahaha!!!!(Vincent Price laugh)

Rita, writing from Amesworld, signing out.