Tell us more about your book “The ‘I Am’ Creation Story: Embracing Your Divine Origin”

For those who may not know, can you please give a brief description of the “I AM” story?

The book is a short read broken into three sections.

Beginning with explaining how all life was created, this falls in step with the Big Bang theory discovered by modern science.

The second part explains the evolution of our human consciousness and the development of our personal egos; being our false self or pseudo identity, given to us by our biology and society.

The third part is regarding the power of our conscious presence. It goes into detail about our ability as ‘conscious creators’ to reclaim our true sense of identity by transcending personal limitations, fears, negative belief systems and self-imposed suffering.

Who would you suggest would find this book useful?

This book was written for the benefit of all who have suffered, carried by the weight of a ‘mistaken identity’ in life. What do I mean by this? Those who have entertained unconscious beliefs of self-diminishment, low self-worth, rigid social-cultural identities, guilt and personal limitation.
As mentioned in the book, the ‘I AM’ Creation Story is for spiritual seekers of all ages and backgrounds wanting to expand their understanding of the truth of their inseparable connection to the one life intelligence, which we are all living and sharing. Anyone who expresses an interest in knowing the truth of who they really are, beneath the layer of the social mask or persona that we present out into the world. The verses written within this book, echo with deep spiritual meaning and innate, universal wisdom for those who have an open mind and are willing to receive the messages offered; those wanting to find meaning and purpose in their lives in order to experience a sense of peace, joy, stillness, fulfilment and empowerment.

For those who try to balance busy, chaotic work and travel schedules, families and also still want a social element to look forward to. What would your suggestion be for these people, so that they too can identify who they are, and live a full and enjoyable life.

Stepping out of the social role playing game can be tricky business, yet you cannot enter into the field of pure potentiality if you unconsciously define yourself through the pre-established social roles. You might find yourself slipping into playing the roles, but you are not the roles. We must remain as the alert witnessing (the underlying I Am) of the roles without over-identifying with them. There is simplicity in just being in the aliveness of yourself, as the unchanging observer of all that you experience in your life.

There is joy of being in rediscovering that quiet, inner space of untouched stillness that lies behind your compulsive thinking, emotions and activities. Being in the world, but not of the world (through spiritual detachment) does not mean that you cannot enjoy the wonderful experiences that life has to offer. In fact, you enjoy the experiences more upon understanding the impermanence of things that are all subject to change. This way you are more relaxed and carefree, having fun with all that life while it lasts, without the fear of loss. This understanding gives you more of a higher vantage point to have fun with the world without resisting, attachment, expectations to the outcome or judging your unique journey. We must be mindful not to lose our sense of identity in the activities of daily life by being trapped in them.

The book offers a simplistic, mystical, and a profoundly deep introspection concerning why we are here and who we truly are. Is this what you believe? Why do you think we are here?

This is not a personal belief. It’s what I’ve come to know through self-introspection and inner conviction backed by ageless wisdom. It all starts with the core belief that we are the modification of the physical body (from birth) and as time goes on, we also identify with the programming from our environment. We become accustomed to the programming from various media, educational system, socioeconomic status, political affiliations and so on. Before you know it we are filled with the complexity of mental constructs entangled by habits, preferences, temperaments, roles (wife, husband, son, and vocation), material possessions and the stories we have created about ourselves. This creates a self-portrait of who we think we are. Every time we chip away at this superficial construct of our accumulated identity, like peeling the layers of an onion, more of our authentic self is revealed through the state of stillness and presence. It is about tapping into this greater, invisible intelligence that exists within us.

What led you to, or what inspired you to write “The ‘I Am’ Creation Story: Embracing Your Divine Origin” as “Anon I Mus”

There was a need for a voice to speak for those who intuitively feel, but cannot articulate that who and what they are is more than merely flesh and bones; our conditionings with an added dash of personality structures only. There is an indivisible, dynamic life force that animates within all of us that was never created and can never be destroyed. This great, undifferentiated unity (Consciousness) that was present before the big bang of the space-time universe. We all have the power to unlock our true potential based on how we choose to view ourselves and the world that we live in. Our thoughts and actions are always creating who we think we are. Life is an amazing holographic mirror that impartially reflects back to us our state of mind and feelings.

So why do you use the pseudonym “Anon I Mus”?

I have intentionally made myself to be nameless and faceless in the public eye. My objective was to stay unknown (anonymous)-hence the nameless name, ‘Anon I mus’ was created. My apparent birth name, physical form and personal story/biography are all equally unimportant in the grand scheme of things. This allows me to put the emphasis on the message being far more important than the messenger. I want to dispel the misconceptions of popular spirituality in the world today. I do not represent a particular title, label, person, belief or group. Being anonymous (spiritually speaking) is a contemporary, symbol for the people; teaching others to look beyond their outer forms-given names, beliefs, addictions, social-cultural conditioning and worldly attachments. It is about helping people change the one dimensional way they look at themselves and embrace a deeper existential reality. People are encouraged to take a radical STAND and embrace their unnameable, silent, timeless essence. This acceptance will create access to infinite fields of possibilities from our innermost core. In the process of consciously emptying our minds of form-identification (stripping away all that we are not), through spiritual awakening; all that will remain is our essential self (Pure Awareness). In the flowering of our inner awakening, one does not have the desire to seek out any personal credit, financial gain or recognition to their apparent form identity, for the spiritual knowledge and higher service given to the world. Imparting universal wisdom to assist others on their personal journey is an act of pure love; it should be given without any conditions.

Will we see more writing from “Anon I Mus”, or will this be the single offering from a nameless person?

There is already a lot of information on the internet. If you search the web for Anon I mus, it will lead you to many links such as Tumblr, Facebook and the Spiritual Enlightenment for Nobodies website.  Additionally, there are numerous videos on YouTube that are very informative. Spiritual messages will continue to be presented publically through many different outlets on the internet or through publications.

Will your readers ever find out more about you?

There is a tremendous sense of freedom and unshakable peace in going beyond my own sense of personal self-identity; beyond the surface reality of form through body-mind identification. Assisting others by way of example and keeping the attention focused on the purest aspect of who we really are. Our true nature is inherently harmonious, compassionate, timeless, all wise and ever present. It has been said by the ancients of old that we are all made in the image and likeness of the creative source of all life. The spiritual truth of what we know to be as the God Principle, Source, Awareness, Existence, is a mystery, unknown and indefinable to the human mind; it is not limited or confined to a particular size, race, gender or space/time personal story.
My spiritual life functions unplugged and off the social grid; working anonymously behind the scenes, just as non-physical spirit invisibly works behind the physical world. I would rather, serve as spirit temporarily engaging in human experiences, than representing a human being trying to engage in spiritual work and experiences (it is all just a matter of shifting perspectives).

Where can our readers find more of your work, or contact you?

By visiting the sites below, readers can get more information on assisting them on their life’s journey.

Thank you.

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