About the Book

Have you ever wondered about the Tooth Fairy? Who is she? How does she get in and out of your home? And what does she do with the teeth? Most people believe that there is one tooth fairy who flies around the world every night collecting teeth and leaving gifts. Can you imagine one little fairy with all that work to do every night? Well actually, each and every family has their own tooth fairy that is assigned especially to them. This is why some children get coins, some get dollars, and some get other special presents. Each tooth fairy leaves her own special gift. And up until now, no one has ever known how they come into the house. Look inside Fairy Village and learn about all the special fairies that live there. Peek inside the Tooth Division, and then join Annabelle a very special Tooth Fairy on her first night with the family she was assigned to.

About The Author

Lisa Gordon has been creating stories since before she could even read and write. As a toddler she would dictate stories to her mom or her aunt and would create entire stories to then illustrate. Her passion for writing and storytelling only increased as she grew up.
When Lisa had children of her own she found endless inspiration in their creativity and open minds and hearts. She and her husband moved from California in 2013 to Colorado where they now live with their two boys. Lisa’s first published book, The Tooth Fairy Story became an instant classic answering so many questions that children have asked for generations. The beautiful illustrations and tales of the joyful fairies quickly made their way into the hearts of children all over. And thus the Fairy Village series began.

Question Time

Can you tell us more about your book “The Tooth Fairy Story”, what is it about?

The Tooth Fairy Story is a magical children’s book that for the first time takes us into Fairy Village. It tells us about many divisions of the village (setting us up for the series) and then of course lets us peek inside the Tooth Division. This is where we meet Annabelle, a very special Tooth Fairy who has just gotten her first assignment. We follow her during her first night on the job with the special family she was assigned to. This story answers many questions children often have about the Tooth Fairy and also gives us an underlying message of always believing in yourself, that you can create anything you set your mind to.

What’s the story behind “The Tooth Fairy Story”? What was your inspiration to write it?

My children are my main source of inspiration in al l that I write. The Tooth Fairy Story was created to answer their questions about The Tooth Fairy. When my older son was getting ready to lose his first tooth, in true form he was enthusiastically inquisitive about this whole mysterious tradition. He wanted to know who she was, how she got in and out of our house and most especially why each child seems to get different things from her. I realized these were questions I had, had at his age as well. In fact many kids do but they don’t have any answers. So I created this story to answer those questions and to make this tradition especially memorable and special for them. I also created a Tooth Fairy door for him to find the morning after he lost his first tooth. After I saw how much joy that brought him and his brother I knew this was a story and product that needed to be shared with children everywhere.

It’s a very magical adventure and we are lucky to read about Annabelle’s first night on the job as a tooth fairy. Will we get to know more about Annabelle and the Fairy Village in future books?

Thank you, I’m so glad you like it. Right now this is the only book where we see Annabelle, (though she may make a special appearance in one of our upcoming titles.) But we are going to get to know Fairy Village much better. In each upcoming book you are going to get to meet a new fairy and get to know her and her special division.

Now that you have shared with the world the working of the Fairy Kingdom, particularly so, the tooth fairy, will you be helping readers worldwide explore other mysteries, such as the Easter bunny?

That’s a great question. Right now the main focus is going to be Fairy Village. There are many divisions to explore and many fairies’ stories to be told. However we do have some crossovers coming up with the North Pole elves. In future series we may delve more into some of the other magical characters that have become a part of our children’s lives.

What was the reaction of your own children when you told them about the ““The Tooth Fairy Story”?

My children love the book; they really got into the story and loved how it answered their questions. I think it really hit home with them though the first time they came with me for an author visit at a local school. As I read the book to the children there and they were so enthralled with it I watched as my own kids grew more and more in awe. That was the moment were we all saw that we really had something with this book.

Lisa, your book “The Tooth Fairy Story” is a great introduction to a magical world, and will bring much happiness to many readers. Had you always thought you would like to write?

Yes, I have been creating stories since before I could even put pen to paper. As a child I had a tradition of going to my aunt’s house for sleepovers when my parent’s would go on a date night. We would pop popcorn, eat Bonbons and create a story. I would dictate and she would write then I would illustrate it. This sparked my initial passion for writing and storytelling. I would spend hours as an older child writing in journals, notebooks, any scrap paper I could find. I knew I wanted to share that with the world.

Have you planned, or started to work on any other stories like “The Tooth Fairy Story”, that you will be sharing with the wider audience?

There are actually 4 more stories coming up in the Fairy Village Series. This summer we will meet Hope in The Wishing Fairy. Hope will teach us about the Wish Fairies who are always listening when a child makes a wish. She must decide what to do when her child makes a very big birthday wish that may not be the best thing for her. Later in the series we will also be meeting an Architect Fairy, a Holiday Fairy and even another Tooth Fairy in The Forgotten Tooth.

Would you have any words of guidance to those who would be interested in writing for others?

Always come from your heart. Start with what you know and let your imagination take over. And always ask yourself, “why should they read this?” What problem are you solving or question are you answering? And remember if you are writing for children, this is a most important gift that you are giving them. Giving children the gift of reading and inspiring their imagination and creativity is essential.
After all, this is why fairy tales are so vital; in a world hardened by so many external factors beyond our control, I believe in preserving these sacred rituals and the joy that the belief in this kind of magic brings to our kids. It inspires them to use their imaginations, to think outside the box and gives them the tools to create a better world.

I have read that you have a popular blog called “The Native Diaries” and you are now going to be working this into a book. Can you share with us what the “Native Diaries” is about?

The Native Diaries is a very different project for me that has evolved over the years. This started as a simple blog for my own amusement; an anthropological satire focusing on raising two “natives” in the “suburban jungle.” It was a way to get my day to day frustrations out by blogging about my wonderful crazy children. When I saw how much folks loved it I kept on going. So someday yes, there will be a book that details my early days “in the jungle with the natives” and my story of survival despite the odds stacked against me. That story is not done writing itself though, as the natives grow and evolve new and wonderful material springs forth each day keeping me fresh on my toes. So for now I will continue to escape to my land of creating fairy tales.

If our readers would like to find out more about you, your work, or a way to contact you, what would be the best route?

The best place to start to find out more is Magical Beginnings’ website: www.FairyVillageBooks.com

There we have more information on the current books, The Tooth Fairy Kit which contains the Tooth Fairy Story, the Tooth Fairy Door and notes from the Tooth Fairy. They can sign up for the newsletter on the store’s page to receive first updates on sales and upcoming books. Another fantastic way to stay afloat on the latest is to follow Fairy Village Books on Facebook. Facebook fans and newsletter followers will always get their information first.

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