A very dear, new friend of mine just told me he had stopped writing after publishing one very good book, many amazing short stories and some pretty great poems. I felt like someone just died. 

To stop throwing words out into the world when you have a talent for it is something that is quite heartbreaking.  Although he is passionate about inspiring, promoting and generally being very supportive of all those who write.  He spends his spare time making the rest of us look good and providing homeless wandering pensmiths a home to come to when we need a place to rest, blog about inane stuff that pops into our heads, or simply to chat with other writers and poets. When I come to think of it, writing can be a very egotistical and sometimes selfish hobby and what he does in helping us all is simply selfless and shows his generous nature.

My friend, on reading that my first Community Blog on here is about him will probably be very surprised at the impression he has made on me, but he will also know that I never mince my words. An so ‘A’ I will continue to ‘Nag’ you to keep writing, one word in front of another even if it is only to write a damning poem about a horrid ‘Nag’. If any one of you feels like giving up, please don’t.  What would the world be like if Dickens, Hardy, Tolkien, Ian Flemming (OK, I know, but couldn’t resist and at least I didn’t mention George Lucas, oops sorry) had decided to stop before they had written the books that we love and that inspire us to slog away at our next literary effort.

So, in the words of Michaelangelo ‘I saw the Angel in the marble and carved until I set him free’ – Let’s continue to see the story in that kernel of an idea and continue to carve with our pens to set that Angel free.  Therein lies the path to literary heaven. Enjoy Writer’s Community and please, please, please let us know what we can do to improve. 

Ideas are like goldust and we are ever panning for that next little sparkle.

Bye for now from Amesworld! Rita X