I just spotted another Community Blog – Fairy Village – What’s that all about? Hmmm, methinks there will be some competition for my witty and endearing ramblings.  Some puffy skirted, pointy eared little Fairy is trying to usurp me.  Well, Amesworld is here to stay and no flitty, flighty Flairy is gonna shove me aside.

Soooo, Fairy Village and all it’s inhabitants, I challenge you to out-write, out-smart, out-joke and generally out me, IF YOU DARE!  Be warned I have been inside the mind of a Serial Killer you know.  Hahahahaha!

On a lighter note, I look forward to some challenging literary competition so bring it on!  I am a few hits ahead so all you readers out there give me a rating and let’s get this show on the road!

I am hoping to start hosting the Writers Community ‘WRITING CLUB’ soon and hope to get some other authors on board with some excellent tips and advice for budding and veteran writers (we never stop learning).  I am also hoping to begin some writing challenges on there so keep your eyes peeled for the start up.

If you have any ideas for writing challenges then please feel free to let me know.  You can message me directly on here. I will keep it secret of course, well, for a price haha!

Someone told me recently that they loved some of the humour I put into my books.  I gasped as I always thought that it didn’t transpose.  I need to read my own work back.  I would love to write a tongue in cheek parody of a contemporary romance novel.  What do you think of the title – VAMPS, TRAMPS AND AUTOMOBILES? Believe me it is on my to write in the future list lol.  I have just copyrighted the title as I know you all want to steal it haha!.

Another rant over and on to some writing at long last.  Trying to finish up a short story for the Fantasia Series Book 2 – titled The Player.  It’s set in a Theatre Company (I have experience of this and so it is interesting to write) and features a very HOT DIRECTOR (Sadly, I have no experience of this).  So I will away to the world of Amelia Luckhart and her sexy Player and try to warm up this damp and cold evening.

Here’s wishing you warm flushes and cozy fires, hot chocolate and hot dates.

Over and out. RitaX