The Bum Deal

Now I know you might be wondering

If this is all about my bum

And if I’ve done a deal

To get a smaller one

And if so, am I willing

To share that deal with you?

But then, what fun in that

If you were skinny too

My eyes glaze over as I dream

Of a waist of two hand spans

A slinky dress above the knee,

heels higher than two tin cans

A splash of red upon my lips

Can finish off this look

All eyes will light upon my hips

Wondering, what pill was it she took?

The truth is bleak as winter snow

The real bum deal is this

Your man should love you as you are

And seal it with a kiss

So with a very knowing wink

I’ll leave you all to guess

How big I was before

I squeezed into this dress!