Hi there,
I hope that you, your friends, family and loved ones have had a fantastic festive period and are already celebrating a successful and rewarding New Year.
I don’t often send mails to the members of Writer’s Community, but thought with the new year already one week in, I might as well give it a go.  The community was built to help promote the work of other indie authors.  I found that I enjoyed helping others, promoting their work, and offering a place to come together.  To me this was much better than actually writing and sharing my own work.   That is what led me to create Writer’s Community.

It has been a bumpy journey.  I may be from Belfast, where some great inventions have been created, but I definitely not one of those technically minded folk.  A lot what you see now on Writer’s Community has been through trial and error, so i apologise for any bugs you see, frustrating features, things that seem to disappear before your eyes and the blemishes that i slowly try to iron out.  All, I hope to make this community better for you.

Come back and say hello!

So here is the point that I ask a favour.   In order for Writer’s Community to grow, we need activity.  That could be from adding new content, sharing your content that is on the community with others, updating your profile or posting in the forums.   All can help promote you, your work, and of course the community.   I have also set up a feature that any new writing submitted (as an article, not on the forum) will be automagically tweeted by @NewWritersCo using the article title as the tweet, with a link to the submission.
Small steps, hopefully in the right direction.  So please, if you have a few minutes, perhaps even each week.  Login in and say hello.  Add a poem, story or update message in the forums.  All will be welcome, and possibly could even attract others to join.

Want to be a Featured Writer?

I am also considering adding a featured writer section.  You would have your own section of the website that would be dedicated to your work.  Almost like a featured blog writer.  If this is something that would interest you let me know, and I will set this up for you.   I am also thinking of ways to reward members who contribute (other than the points system) if you have any ideas let me know.

Promoting your work

If you have any ideas or suggestions that would make Writer’s Community a better place to promote your work, then let me know.  I’ll always be trying to think of new ideas, but you may already have one.  Share it and I will see what I can do!  Might take me a while to work out how… but I will try!

Thank You!

Thank you all for being members, by joining you reassured me, and gave me great satisfaction that the little I have done may have been useful to you.
Many thanks, and I wish you all the very best for 2016!

So pop on and say hello!

Alan @ Writer’s Community