Can you tell us more about your book “The Gathers”? Which is Book 1 in “The Power Vested in Me” Trilogy

A mysterious man suddenly appears in a maternity ward, cast light from his hands on 5 of the sleeping babies and vanishes.13 years later he turns up, calls them all together, tells he knows they have secret powers because he gave them to them and tells them he needs them to do 5 quests for him during which they are to recover items. If they refuse to do the quests the powers will be taken away from them.

Who do you think would enjoy reading “The Gatherers”?  Is it specifically targeted at those interested in magic, mystery and adventure, or would others enjoy the read?

As the quests involve time travel and I have researched 5 different periods of history for the book then people interested in history would also enjoy it. And anyone who likes solving riddles.

The story centres on five teenagers, can you tell us a bit more about them?  Who are they and what makes them who they are?

They are all completely different in terms of personality and backgrounds. They start off as complete strangers and bond as the story goes along. Apart from all having different ‘powers’ they have different strengths and weaknesses, which helps make them a strong group. It is unclear at the start whether they have been selected randomly or carefully selected.

What is your favourite part of the story, which part of your book did you enjoy writing most?

I like when they encounter ‘real’ characters from history. I enjoyed working that into the story. I also like writing a bit of humour and banter between the group.

The grey haired man seems very mysterious, and powerful, will the readers encounter many more mysterious and powerful characters in your book?

Throughout the PVIM series the readers will be introduced to other powerful characters. In fact some people who seem to have no importance are revealed as very powerful as the story progresses through the other books.

Can you tell us more about you, have you written anything else, or what did you do before you wrote “The Gatherers”?

I have written some short stories and poetry. In a previous life I have been martial arts instructor and a photographer. I also spent a lot of my teenage years showing dogs, which was one of the reasons I gave the character Stuart a real love of animals.

Which authors or books have inspired you in your writing?

As a child I loved Charles Dickens novels and he told such brilliant stories with such colourful characters. I also love Roald Dahl books. A massive inspiration to me has also been Lynda La Plante and Agatha Christie (so quite a mixed bag).

What words of guidance would you offer to someone writing for the young adult fantasy market?

Listen to your audience. The things people seem to be latching onto in my book I really never expected them to.

What will you be working on next, have you started book two in the Gatherers series, or will you be working on something else?

I have started book 2 in the Power Vested in Me series and am spending every spare moment I have getting it finished (as people are now asking me ‘what happens next?’).

Where can our readers find out more about you and your books?  Or where can they contact you if they have more questions?

I have a website which is – where readers can contact me with questions and win a free tshirt if they are one of the first 10 people whose question/comment I publish.

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