Your Journey: 40 Days to Reflect On Your Walk with The Lord by Fiona Kalu 

Question Time

Can you tell us more about your book “Your Journey,” what is it about and when will it be released?

When I first started writing the book three years ago, I thought I could just quote scriptures and write about what the scripture meant. Over the years, however, the words I wrote through journaling became more of my reflections on my day-to-day spiritual connections with God. I would write about how I experienced God’s presence while walking to school, talking to my friends, and praying. This book is about the unending presence of God in our everyday lives through reflections, and it will be available on Amazon on February 4th, 2016.

Now, given that it’s a thought-provoking journey that aims to help guide readers on their daily path, what was the inspiration behind your book?

Growing up, I knew there was “something” greater in me–my purpose. The Journey to find my God-given purpose in life took forty days. After those days, I knew and understood that God has called me to share the Good News with His people, and the world outside the four walls of the Church. With my gift of writing, my path became quite clearer than ever. I knew I had to help others find their journey through life. And. It’s a privilege to put my reflections into a book.

Who would you suggest would find this book useful and why?

Yeah, through the advantage of a helpful family setting, I was able to learn early that life’s journey to PURPOSE starts from childhood, but the TEEN stage is critical to what becomes of an individual at ADULTHOOD. In others words, lifetime decisions and choices are often made while one is a teen. I felt that if I missed the mark at that stage, I might live an unfulfilled life at adulthood phase. I want every moment of my life as a teen to count in God’s purpose. This thought made me write this book to reach out to teenagers out there. They would find it an inspiration because the words written in it are from a teenager, too. But, I have friends older than me who read the manuscript during preparations for publishing and thought the concepts written in it could help anyone who wants to find fulfillment in their everyday lives.

It’s a very encouraging and special thing to write something in the hopes that it will help others.   Why did you want to share this book, and the message within with others?

My message is about having a living hope. I wrote the book to help stir up hope in others. I remember living life each day feeling unfulfilled. I felt hopelessness because I doubted I could ever amount to anything. Even though I knew and understood the concepts of “Anything is Possible” according to the Scriptures, I never embraced it. During the forty days of praying to find my purpose, I felt peace, knowing God wanted to use me just the way I was; I only needed to be willing.

Do you think you will continue to write books like this for others?  Will you branch out into fiction, or is your heart set on the guidance, and motivational message sharing?

Good question. No one ever asked me this question before but I’ve put much thought into it. When my editor was editing “Your Journey,” I thought, now what? I first thought of branching out to fiction, but I knew that wasn’t my niche. I thought for a while and then decided I would stick with message sharing. My next book (coming later this year) will be centered on the life of Gideon in the Bible. The message will be on the problem of doubts. Like I said earlier, I struggled with doubt for a long time. Gideon had an encounter with an Angel of the Lord telling him he could win the war with his enemies, but he still doubted God’s word. I will share how we can overcome doubt and how we can have a willing heart to be used by God.

Do you have any words of guidance to those who would be interested in writing for others?

Yes. This is an easy one. If you want to write for others, write words you are willing to read. I’ve read the book cover to cover while recording myself. I listen to parts of the recording each day. I might be obsessed with the book, but that’s the point! If you find your book interesting, chances are others will, too.

What has been the highlight of your life?  I have read that you and your family have gone through some serious and, at a time, life-threatening events. Please share any special, memorable moments with us.

When I wrote my short Bio, I mentioned how I had eleven minutes to survive a stillbirth condition when my mom was in labor. My mom was due to give birth in late March, but I guess I chose to stay until April. That day was very traumatic for her–so she tells me. The doctors predicted one of us had a better chance of survival in under eleven minutes, owing to some complications only my mom could explain better. All I know is that God came through for both of us. He had a plan for us, and His plan is unveiling itself each day. 

My special moment, however, was when my little brother was born. For a long time, I wished I would have a little brother, so I sometimes prayed about it. He is 14 years younger than me, and he is the joy of my heart. I dedicated my book “Your Journey” to him (with his permission of course).

As a student of Criminology and English, you also find time to write for other’s enjoyment, how do you find it convenient?

When I wrote my short Bio, I left out the part where I have a minor in Computer Science and currently have two jobs on campus. I’m sure you’ve heard people say, “If anything matters to you, make time for it.” I think what the phrase is missing is “plan your time.” If anything matters to you, plan your time for it. Strategy is the key. I learned this concept from Jeff Goins, the author of “The Art of Work.” He has a formula I started following since last year. His formula, “passion + strategy = success” works! Writing is my passion, how then do I find the time to write words long enough to be a book? I plan, I find a strategy that will work. For me, this has been writing in between classes and on weekends. Waking up early to write never worked for me. I only wake up early to meditate. Every writer must have a formula that works for them. I believe everyone is busy these days, but planning is the key.

If our readers would like to find out more about you, your work, or a way to contact you, what would be the best route?

Social media is the best place to connect with people these days. Readers can find me on:


Twitter: twitter@fionakalu

I also have a website where the main theme is on “everyday journey with the Holy Spirit.” The website is found here

Finally, if you could share one message now to anyone who hasn’t read your book, what would it be?

In the midst of your hopelessness, storms, and trials, there is hope. Your life matters so much to God, and He wants to take you on a journey where you can experience His unconditional love and presence every single day. You just have to be willing because anything is possible

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