About the Book:

The Comfurt family is perfect. At least, that is what they’ve trained everyone, including themselves, to think. But now, as the facade becomes harder to keep up, it’s plain to see that there needs to be a change. With the guidance of some new friends, Brian and Erica and their three children Jackson, Jordan, and Jimmy will accept a challenge that will teach them how to pray and endure some tough roads ahead. 

This first book in the Abandoned Prayer series offers you to take the same challenge that the Comfurts do and give you insight, guidance, and encouragement along the way to seeking a God who is our comfort in the midst of Uncomfortable.

About the Author:

The short version? A random guy who dreams in movies, would love to have a pet kangaroo, and is addicted to chocolate milk. Longer version? Auri Jones has been through the gauntlet as far as Western Christianity. Having grown up in the church with parents who were active church leaders, he saw the in’s and out’s of “Christianity”. He has spent years being heavily involved in ministry as a small group teacher, worship leader, youth director, program director and more. In the midst of this, Auri has also seen personal failure and spiritual struggle that caused him to question and doubt the plan of God for him. In all of that, one call from God sparked the journey of Abandoned prayer–pray for Uncomfortable. Auri currently resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia and is happily engaged to Jocelyn, his partner on this journey. www.tbhministries.org

Question Time

Tell us about your book “God, Make Me Uncomfortable” what is it about?

This book is about life.  It’s about a family who is sick of trying to be the perfect religious “superheroes” that they have been made to be and tried to be.  Each one of them is struggling with God, relationships, the future, personal struggles, and more.  The Comfurt family enlist the help of a pastor and his wife who offer them a challenge to let God ‘take off the gloves’ and really take them on a journey that will make them stronger through one prayer.

Which market is your book direct at, who would be interested in reading it?

Age wise, anyone from pre-teen to senior citizen can get something out of it.  However, I wrote this book for the family and individuals in the family.  The teen kid who is going through school drama, the parent who is trying to be the best they can be, the individual struggling with a job or relationships, the depressed, the popular, the lost, the middle class, the broken home—they can all get something out of this.  I really want to key in on the one who is struggling with God: who he is and what he wants for them.

What was your inspiration to write “God, Make Me Uncomfortable”?

A friend of mine and I met with a pastor several years ago.  We were both in a crazy time in life with huge decisions and opportunities staring us in the face.  We both were also struggling with our personal battles.   This pastor asks a question- “what is one prayer that you think God wants you to pray for yourselves right now?”  We both answered, “God, make me uncomfortable.”  And that got me thinking about why that was what immediately hit us.  I had no clue that God would take me on a journey similar to the one you will read in the book.

“God, Make Me Uncomfortable” is book 1 in the “Abandoned Prayer” Series, will there be follow up books coming soon?

Oh, yes!  There are going to be four in the series.  So, don’t think that once you finish this book that you’re done with the Comfurt family.  You’re going to get to see how the future unfolds for all of them and the people that they get to know along the journey.  I’m editing the second book now, which will be released Spring of 2017. You’ll want to see what happens, I promise.

Tell us a bit more about you, what do you do?

I work in hotel guest relations at the moment. I have a background in the field of communications; so I do a lot of music and media production, rap/hip hop/r&b on the side.    My fiancé and I are slowly starting the planning and development of our own ministry working with counselling and discipleship. Other than that, you can usually find me outdoors hiking, kayaking, having fun or chilling in a coffee shop.

Why is it important to you to share this message with others?

I really think that our perspective on God and prayer need to change.  I’ve grown up in the church and among the religious, and much of what you hear isn’t an honest view of God or life in general.  This book is more than fiction.  It’s life.  Everything that you will read is taken from real life stories, thoughts, conversations, and more.  I don’t want you to just read, I want you to go on a journey, find answers to your questions, and see how God wants to take your breath away. 

What other book have you written, or plan to write?

Well, I do have the other books in the series coming up.   I’m also starting a book that I’ve been dying to write called Saviour.  It’s a sci-fi, thriller for all of your fans of that genre.  So, stay tuned.

If our readers want to find out more about you, where can they go, and can they contact you?

I would love to connect with anyone!  Check out my website at www.tbhministries.org.  On the site, you can find my blog, my music, and some free short stories that I have written over the past year.  I’m always creating stuff; so, definitely check it out.  You’ll also find links to all my social media as well.


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