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CaptureLove and Compassion is My Religion: Life-Changing New “Beginners Book into Spirituality” Proves God’s Love Can Change Even the Most Tormented Souls.

Emotively written from the life and experiences of Jane Zarse, ‘Love and Compassion is My Religion (A Beginner’s Book into Spirituality)’ takes readers deep into the life of its author.

From the Book

I am a divorcée who found the love of God through the eyes and soul of a gay man. The love of God has no need for religious exclusions. I was sick, broken, powerless, hopeless, and helpless. I didn’t love myself and, because of my distorted ego, didn’t even know it. I always believed in God, but I was convinced that God didn’t believe in me because of all of my failures and mistakes. When you feel this lost, life becomes very dark, and it is impossible to see any way out. I remained focused on what a disaster I had made out of my life and couldn’t see past my horrible circumstances. Focusing on my failures kept me stuck and fueled my feelings of being worthless and unlovable.

Learning that God loved me despite all of my bad decisions gave me hope, and the power of hope saved my life. Knowing that God loves me, flaws and all, gave me a sense of self-worth. Reclaiming my self-worth, self-respect, integrity, and dignity has been the greatest, most loving gift. People need to learn how much God loves them before they can be willing to better their lives and attitudes. They become willing to give up the wrong things, such as alcohol, drugs, cutting, anger, resentments, gambling, codependency, food, or sex addiction. I know for a fact that any of these self-destructive, self-defeating behaviors can be positively treated with the love of God. I have lived this amazing grace firsthand.

Religion with exclusions and judgment had turned me off to God. I view religion as very divisive, though we are all one. I erroneously associated God with judgment and punishment, which added insult to injury for a screw-up like me. I give the church a lot of credit. It does show love, but love is too big for just the church. The church needs love, but love does not need the church. God loves you, is available to you, and wants to help you right now. All you need to do is believe. Belief is the only metric that really matters. I believe the love of God can change, heal, and renew anyone’s mind, body, and spirit. I’m real sure because it happened to me. This is my story


About the Author

Zarse grew up in the prestigious community of Lake Forest, Illinos.  She attended Boston University before acting in New York City and trading in Chicago.  After hitting bottom, she learned to love herself.


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