Welcome blogees to the next exciting instalment from Amesworld. Well, now that I’ve bigged it up it’s all downhill from here…..

I just returned from an amazing Spa break where I drank too many cocktails and stayed in the jaccuzzi until my skin turned into a prune. Such a good look, you should try it!

On my way to the Spa I decided to break my journey with an overnight stop at a budget hotel.  I checked in, the room was clean and the bed bounced nicely for comfort.  I settled in for the night with dreams of pampering yet to come.

At 1am I awoke to a loud rainstorm, yikes.  Storm Katie had hit the UK!  I laid there thinking how loud the rain sounded when I realised that it sounded a little too real.  Switching on the lights I saw that the rain was indeed very real, and coming down inside the room.  Worse than that it was falling onto my laptop…SHOCK…HORROR…..INSTANT HEART ATTACK…..yes the hub of the next book from Rita Ames….84 pages of See Through My Eyes were in danger of being lost.  I jumped up and grabbed my laptop, luckily saving it in time.  Phew!!!

I then had to do the 1am PJ walk to reception (what hotel does not have a phone in the room!).  The nice lady moved me into the room next door……Mmmmm next door, still on the top floor……sometimes being a writer with an overactive imagination is not a good thing….I sat there for the next hour waiting for the ceiling to come down and flood the room!

It all ended well with a full, no quibble refund.  Yes!!!  I spent it on cocktails at the Spa and enjoyed a very well deserved hangover the next day.

If anyone knows why this cloud of surprises keeps hovering over my head then please let me know.  Of all the hotel rooms in all the world, the rain had to fall into mine!!!

And after those words from the great Bogie it is time to end this blog.

PS – All of you who pinched one of the kids easter eggs and have not replaced it yet you’d better hurry as they are selling them off cheap now!! Haha.

Rita X