41tzMszhQfL. SX312 BO1204203200 Tell us about your book “God Loves You”.  We can get an idea from the book title, but can you give us a bit more about it?

Well to give a better insight into the book is its examples of love in action from God as well as day to day challenges for the readers to come to a more spiritual awareness of God’s love for them in day to day life and help those who may have been emotionally hurt from a bad relationship.

Who would enjoy or benefit from reading the book?

I feel any Christian will benefit from this, more so for those who may have had bad relationships in the past that left them broken hearted.

What was your inspiration for writing “God Loves You”

The initial reason for writing God Loves You was because while back after a heart breaking relationship I was in church and hearing a pastor speak on a Valentine’s Day special for singles and myself not wanting to go despite the persistence of a great friend and at last he gave in and said well remember God Loves You and so do I. that’s when it hit me Holiday times make those who are single feel alone and worse however I wasn’t alone nor was I not loved and I felt that day it was time for me to undergo a journey of healing and spiritual growth.

It covers an eight-week period, is this a day to day guide, and can the book be reread at a later point for a refresher?

This is an eight-week project for five days out of the week with no specific dates of such and I feel it is important to once again return to it at a later date, so you can see how you have changed and grown and healed.

What is the most important message that you would like to share from your book?

You know I feel most important message to share from the book is a little repetitive but its God Loves You no matter what others have said to you or done, or even what you have done God forgives and loves you so do one of the scariest things that you will ever do and let yourself be loved.

Tell us more about you.  What do you do aside from writing books, what is your background?

Aside from writing which I do not consider in any shape to be my work what so ever I am a Bail Bondsman and fugitive recovery agent (aka bounty hunter) for a living.  I am truly a workaholic and love what I do with a passion. On my down time though I do enjoy a nice museum of art no matter if its sculpture or paintings or modern art let me walk through a museum with Pandora blasting in my ears and I am a happy camper. As for my back ground I come from a small little family and was raised by my mother and grandparents alongside with my sister. 

Why did you write this book?  What did you hope to achieve?

Originally was writing this for myself then it began to turn into a bible study in which I became consumed in and continued to write and write and just developed into the book it is today.

Will you be writing more for others to use and enjoy?

Oh most definitely, I have already started, and will continue to keep writing till I feel called to do something else.

Do you have any further books planned, or do you have any other ideas for future ventures?  Perhaps sharing the message in other ways?

I do have a few other book ideas and one is already in the process it recently has consumed all my free time with all the research that is necessary to do so.

Where can our readers find out more about you and your book?   Is there any way our readers can contact you?

Well everyone can find my ebook on amazon or nook press or on my Facebook author page for sale. Any one is free to contact me directly on my facebook page https://m.facebook.com/Jacob-Hunsicker-1394173584219082/ 

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