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Tell us more about your book “Beyond the Fog” the subtitle is “A Journey to self-awareness” we can get an idea of what the book is about, but please, can you tell us more?

The intention of this book is to ignite the reader’s common sense consciousness by challenging their beliefs and perception of how they see all circumstances, how they approach them and ultimately how much of it is as a result of their own Ego been in control. The experiences I do share in this book are not only personal but inspired by a very strong spiritual intelligence that does reside in all of us.

This step by step process of making sense of why we are where we are, or why we are not, is not only accurate but simple to understand and put into practice.  Our world as we perceive it can change for the better, if we are willing to do the work and not to dwell into been a victim of our Ego’s beliefs.

Who would you suggest would be interested in this book? 

Anyone who feels that their current circumstances are more than they can bare. Anyone who believes that life is more than what they are experiencing and wants to find a way to make sense of it. Anyone who is in a transitional stage of their life. Anyone who seeks to perceive a world of opportunities and wants to release the shadow of playing the role of a victim. Anyone who wants to experience self- empowerment and a sense of freedom.    

Would other readers enjoy this book who are not necessarily looking to increase their self-awareness?

Yes, they will. They will have an opportunity to enhance their perception of how they see themselves and others. We are all connected by a silver lining call Love. This sense of love for those who matter to us and for those that we do not know yet is the clue for our peace and self-preservation of our happiness. Our process of self-discovery never stop, even when we feel our lives are in total balance. We are in constant change and evolution of our experiences on this planet. We will never know enough, experience enough or love enough. This process will not be discontinued, even in our last moment of our last breath.

In the book “Beyond the Fog” you have shared personal experiences that will help the reader move beyond the fog.  Can you give us an example of one of these experiences?

I can share one of many, the most recent one.  Over three years ago after 20 years of marriage, I had to endure a divorce. This experience was not only one I never believe would have happened due to my sense of commitment and loyalty to the relationship but because of my perception at the time of what marriage is all about, a forever relationship. 

Adding to that experience, I was part of many in the fall of our economy of 2008.  During that time I was in the house leading industry, and my six figure income disappear like smoke in the air overnight.  I was forced to accept a new role as a stay home Dad which in part a blessing to be with my daughter, but a hit to my pride and ego.  So, a combination of both circumstances created a very challenging environment for me.  It was then when the process did start for me to experience how to move beyond the fog of my false beliefs appearing real and embrace the spiritual strength within to understand and chance my personal perception of my world.

What was your inspiration to write this book?  Was there a point in your life when you decided that you wanted to share these stories with others to help them?

Part of been able to move beyond the fog is to put yourself out there and be genuine to your beliefs and experiences regardless of how others might see you or judge you. So, with that said I will tell you the story of how this first book came about to become real.

Late spring / early summer 2015, I started to visit a beautiful jogging track at the nature park of the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta, Georgia where I do reside.  This jogging site goes into a circular shape one part facing the river banks and the other side facing the woods.  One morning,  as I was, jogging encounter on the location facing the woods a family of 3 deer. They come there I guess to pasture and roam around the area.  I start noticing that doesn’t matter what time I was jogging that day, I will encounter the same family of deer in the same spot.  Suddenly, I got this whisper saying “This is not a coincident and do not take it for granted.”

The whisper was right, from that day on I jog passing by the same area for seven consecutive days and each day in the same spot visited by the same family of deer. Suddenly, I started to receive inspirational guidance and or a mental vision of this book and 11 others.  These inspirational experiences became so powerful that I had to stop and get my voice recorder on my phone which I used to listen to music while I was jogging to record everything that I was hearing or seen mentally. It was an incredible experience to hear this whisper describing the title of the book, how the book cover should look and what the content will be.  I know, it sounds crazy or even hard to believe, I was the first one to think that too. As I continue with this experience, I kept hearing the whisper saying, do not judge, just listen and so I did. By the end of the seven days, I have not one book, but a total of 12 books including this one.  Here it is where it gets even more incredible, the last day of experiencing these inspirational downloads,              

I encounter the family of deer in the same area again. However, this time, the female and the younger was relatively deep into the woods, but the male was about a good 20 feet from me.  I stop, and suddenly I am making eye contact with this deer. I was taken by surprise the feeling of connecting with this animal. I started to question the experience, so I put it to a test. I raise my hand and set up my fingers making the shape of peace or bunny rabbit ears with two fingers expose.  I went and bent the fingers twice and to my surprise, the deer responded by stomping his hoof into the ground twice also. 

Tell us more about you.  What do you do, aside from writing?

For few seconds, I was petrified to the idea that I just make a connection. So, the whisper goes and says, “I know you do not believe what you are seeing, so do it again.  I went and did again, not once but three more times with the same results. After my last try, I knew it was a confirmation and out of humbleness, I rest on my knees on the ground a cry at the experience to know this was an incredible spiritual endorsement.   After that, I started to experience for about a full month the sensation of thumb pressure between my eyes (better referred to as the third eye chakra) and on the tip of my head (better known as the crown chakra). And during that time, I will start waking up between 4:00 and 5:00 am to write in front of my computer the book. True to be told, every time I will finish a chapter or a segment of the book, and I will read it, I will have a hard time remembering the writing coming from me.  So, this is how I got inspire to write this book.

You start off on a very difficult path.  Arriving in America at a young age, with no family, very little money and little understanding of the English Language.  How did you continue along that path to get where you are today?

Wow, that is another book in itself.  In fact, is going to be part of my next book “The Backpacker” the spiritual teaching of traveling lite.  What I can share this, I have devoted my time to trust my whisper and guidance. Even in times of challenges, I have always gone into hearing that whisper. In one occasion a dear friend of mine at the time who saw me working two and three jobs at a time, walking to work or using a bike because I could not afford at the time a car ask me, how can you do it? I ask to do what? How can you endure what you are dealing with and keep a positive attitude?  I replied: The way I see it is like all my challenges are like a block of ice and everything I do to move forward, every action I take to make it better, is like a drop of water that lands on the same spot on the ice. Eventually, the spot will become weak due to the drop of water melting the ice, and it will break.

It took me seven years from the moment I did arrive in Atlanta to have a handle on the language and start an easier life for myself. Very simple, one drop at a time!

What has been the most challenging experience in your life? 

What did you learn from it and how have you put that experience to use to benefit you? The most challenging experience in my life it was not enduring the divorce of my parents, leaving my homeland, or experiencing my recent divorce. The most difficult experience in my life was to accept ownership for everything I have gone thru and take responsibility for my beliefs. Once I have adopted such mindset, I have discovered my real potential and the ability to be of service to others. 

What will you be working on next?  Do you have any plans for more books, guidance/support lectures/groups or any other ventures?

As you have learned here, I have several books in progress; I am working on creating the opportunity for lectures on the subject written in my book. I am creating a support meet up group name; Friends Moving Beyond The Fog, to assist and sustain the process that others are experiencing moving beyond their fog dilemmas. Also, the book is currently being translated into Spanish in text and audio to make it available in other Spanish speaking countries.

Where can our readers find out more about you and your work?  Is there a way to contact you?

I can be found at www.theeurekaeffect.info, also at www.facebook.com/theeurekaeffect.info or email at rayortiz@theeurekaeffect.info

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