Hi Sarah, tell us more about your book “Save Me”, What is it about?

Save Me is about two gay men. Jack and Nic. Jack is just out of a long term relationship that didn’t end well. He has broken off his engagement and walked away from his high school sweetheart who has always been highly abusive. Nic is his best friend; they used to be in a band together until Jack’s ex forced them to end the band. Nic has his own troubles and is in rehab, so he isn’t there for jack like he should be. So with no one to turn to, Jack ends up going off the rails looking for love in all the wrong places. Even ending up involved with an anti gay church in a desperate attempt to find himself and a happier life. When Nic comes back he tries everything he can to try and rescue Jack from his personal demons.

Who is this book directed to, who would enjoy reading it?

It will appeal more to the LGBT community, however I have written it from the angle of everyone being able to identify with a lost first love and trying to pick up the pieces. Recently I had a straight male author friend of mine read the book, and he has given amazing feedback on it. The gay scenes are rather tastefully covered, not going into any full graphic details some may find off putting. This is an adult’s only book, as it does delve into addiction, rape, suicide and other quite dark themes.

Do you think that your book “Save Me” will help others who are facing a similar experience?

I hope so very much! The idea behind the book was certainly that. The storyline is based around my own experiences growing up and coming out as bisexual in an unfriendly environment and my own abusive past relationships. Also based on the stories of several friends of mine gay/straight and bi growing up and how they also had bad experiences. So the characters and the emotions in the book are very real. Not everyone in our friend circle made it to adulthood, two suicide in their teens. Hopefully this book will show the next generation of LGBT people and those who are abused that you do not have to settle for this. You do deserve better. You do deserve to live! I myself got into a relationship in my early twenties which I never should have, but it was my first long term one and I really didn’t know what to expect. I thought what was happening to be was normal. As I am sure many others do. If just one life is saved from reading my book, then I have done everything that I set out to.

What is the more emotional and compelling scene from your book?

There are many highly emotional scenes in the book. Nic rescuing jack from abuse several times. The deep friendship (and perhaps more) expressed by both of them. There is one heart breaking piece which I found really hard to deal with where Jack just allows himself to get drawn into the anti gay church looking for that abuse he is so accustomed to. Where he is glad to be hit, to be tortured. Desperate to find salvation in any way he can. The whole boo k is an emotional rollercoaster, as we see his life completely fall apart before he can start to find healing.

What was the most difficult part of your story to write about?

The scenes of abuse and rape. Having been there myself for eight years, revisiting that place was not very easy. Sometimes I had to skip ahead to a lighter chapter or even several before I could go back and finish the piece I had been working on.

Tell us more about you, who are you, what else do you do other than write?

I’m not just an author. I also own and am editor of a small entertainment site. Thepulseentertainment.co.uk I have been working on various entertainment sites for the last two years. I am also a singer and actress in small independent films. Earning my first speaking named role last year, in the comedy short Up North which you can find in IMDB. In my mortal work I bar back in the winter, and during the summer months I guide tour parties around caves teaching them about history.

 Do you have any other books planned, or any other projects?

I have a second book due winter this year, can’t Let You Go. It is part of the same book series as Save Me, but with different characters. It’s about a bisexual man who discovers he has terminal cancer, trying to come to terms with that and his sexuality to be with the person he loves before the end. 2017 will see Too Many Tears release, which is Save Me’s sequel and will continue jack and Nic’s journey to find happiness.

What is your inspiration for writing?

Everything. I have to write, it’s like a drug to me. I get ideas in the stupidest of places. Like the shower or half way through a cave tour. I get withdrawals when I can’t write for a while. It is completely a part of my life now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My small fan verse is also amazing support. I have two very good muses and a supportive partner who are always there for me. Usually being woken up at stupid times of the morning with some crazy burning question about the series.

If you could offer some guidance to our readers, or to anyone who has experienced anything that you have written about in your book, what would it be?

ASK FOR HELP! Your situation isn’t acceptable. Find a way out of it. NEVER settle for abuse. If people don’t like your sexuality, tough luck to them. Never live in fear of who you are. It’s not worth the pain or the scars. And most importantly IT GETS BETTER!!! I know everyone says that but it does. If I had killed myself in 2012 like I wanted to, I would never have written this book, or become owner of my own website or done a thousand things I have since. I wouldn’t be looking forward to getting married to my best friend and fiancé Adam in a few years. You will get through this and when you do. Use your story to help- others, who will help others and so on. So we build a better future for everyone.

Where can our readers find out more about you, or contact you?

You can find me on Amazon, search my author page I will come up. If you are on FB search for my book page under the title of Save Me. On twitter my contact is @wickedwitchgal. If you have read my book, do come and talk to me there. I love meeting my fans.

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