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Elderine: Dreams to Destiny
By Steven R. Wake

elderinebookMagic, riddles, new friendships and a quest to discover himself amid a world grasped by a dark, ancient evil. 

An ordinary boy, who finds himself in the least ordinary of circumstances. Jason always wanted to live in a fantasy world, to escape from homework, school, his boring life and most of all his over-bearing aunt. Luck was in course for this young boy, as he soon finds himself magically warp ed to the land of Hasparia.

With a fledgling wizard a strange imp and others as companions, Jason sets off on his own journey of discovery, in this strange world that he now must call home. It’s not all adventure though, as Jason is the prophesied hero who will destroy the dark evil engulfing the lands.

At every turn they are constantly evading the scope of a mysterious force. Who, as it seems will stop at nothing until their quest has failed! Dreams really can become Destiny.

If you have loved reading, Harry Potter, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe or even dreamt of escaping reality you will love Elderine, join the adventure, where dreams can become reality.

Elderine will be launched on on 22nd March 2016.  You can help support it by pre-ordering on that date.  If it receives 250 pre-orders the book will receive a full publishing deal. 

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Elderine is currently being developed into a role playing game! You can find out more about the game and book at


Kirkus Review:

“A bouncy adventure that threatens to darken in later volumes.”

Amazon Reviews for a Previous Edition:

“An enjoyable young adult fantasy where Jason finds himself in a totally new world and he becomes the hero who can battle and win against evil forces. I enjoyed his friendships he develops and how he engaged in the issues he found himself with. The characters are a bit light in development, but perfectly fine for a light read.The author leaves the reader ready for the next story.”

“What a delightful book. The characters are likable and the story just pulls you in. This book is a must read for anyone who likes fantasy genre.”

“This was a great story! I just finished it, and I can hardly wait for more books by this author. The story moved along very quickly, the characters were interesting and I cared about what happened to them. This is the type of book I love; young adult fantasy that is full of magic, adventure, epic quests, friendships and betrayals and no gratuitous violence. This was a great story for both adults and young adults. “

“This is a great first book from a local Northern Irish writer. Jason has a normal life until transported into another world. I like the use of humour- Jason is an avid fantasy reader himself and refers to the irony of his situation. Although this is your usual fantasy quest type, it has enough original points and I found myself caught up in the story.”

“I purchased this book for my nephew on a friends recommendation as he is a keen reader and particularly enjoys the fantasy and adventure genres. So this review belongs to him really!
He said that he really enjoyed the plot, said the book has some great characters highlighting Sherbit as his favourite. Overall he really enjoyed the read and has suggested to all of he friends. So I have one happy nephew and am therefore very pleased at my choice.”

“I have used Elderine with a primary 5 class in England, I felt the vivid descriptions were brilliant for my lesson on comparing and contrasting fantasy books. The book was also highly praised by the specialist English teacher observing my lesson. I have also read an extract of the book to children on World Book Day, it was received with great enthusiasm and left the kids wanting to know more of the story.”