About Be The One:

The perfect dating advice book for the “me generation”, Be The One puts the responsibility for finding true love squarely in the hands of the reader. No clichéd dating advice, no made up “dating secrets”, just cold hard facts and a very simple process.

The author argues that the focus on an external (and often times mythical) “the one” creates insecurities and shortcomings in people while distracting them from the real work required to make themselves more dateable.

Be The One takes readers on a personal development journey to equip them with the tools to be more deliberate and successful in their search for a partner.

The key steps the book covers are: developing self-worth by knowing your true value, demystifying your soul mate by clearly defining what you deserve in a partner and putting yourself in the best mind-set and environments to meet potential partners.

This is the perfect book for those frustrated by poor dating outcomes and looking to find the true path to their soul mate.

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About the author:

Em Arvey has a background in behavioural psychology and anthropology – skills put to good use in a 15 year career in sales, marketing and public relations. Arvey now uses the skills learnt in developing love for brands to develop people into the best versions of themselves.


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