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40,000 word novel. After a beautiful wedding, followed by a powerful Word from God, Frankie and Karen’s lives should have been happily ever after. But, as soon as the service ends, chaos begins. Each character from the Greatest Love Series is thrust into a whirlwind of drama filled with abuse, betrayal, secrets, and scandals.

Experience dark times, inspirational times, and romantic times with Benjamin, Camille, Kevin and Paige as they all return in After Church. You’ll be introduced to newcomers, some of them are there to increase their faith and others come to test it. However, they have received the Word and it’s now after the benediction. Will their actions reflect that the word fell on good ground or will the trials of life cause them to fall by the wayside? Who will be able to stand and walk worthy?

About the Author:

A southern girl who does not like barbeque, go figure. Her parents gave her the best of themselves genetically and naturally, and continue to do so. She loves all genre of music and books.

She is happily married to a wonderful and handsome man who supports her in all things. He encourages her to stand on the promise that she can do all things through Christ that strengthens her. He is a solid rock, her muse, the second lover of her soul, and the only lover of her body.

Their union has been blessed with two handsome sons, one beautiful daughter, and a Shi-Tzu (dog) they all love and think he is more human than Shi-Tzu.

Questions Time:

Tell us more about your book “After Church: Walking Worthy….After the Benediction!” What is it about?

Looking at the title of the book, one could easily assume that this is a religious story of faith, discovery and devotion.  However, a very different story is told in these pages.  Who do you think would be interested in reading After Church: Walking Worthy….After the Benediction!

My target audience are people who believe in Christ as our saviour and are trying to live a moral life with Christ as the head.  The readers I am hoping to reach are those who may struggle from time to time, making Christ like decisions and need to know it’s okay to fall short of the glory, as long as  he/ she doesn’t stay down.

What was the most challenging scene to write for your characters?  As they are thrown into turmoil and chaos, there must have been very tense scenes.  

My most difficult scene(s) to write was that of Mrs. Carol Steele, she was battling with untreated grief and depression. This made her become a harsh person, but the root of her evil action was grief.   Writing the scene where she was in Lauren’s (her deceased daughter) room was challenging because I had to go to a place of personal grief to portray her emotions.

It can’t all be bad for Frankie and Karen?  All starts well with a beautiful wedding; will they end up having happy ever after? 

Since this is a series and Frankie and Karen started from a one-night stand, to co-parenting, then to marriage I can’t say yes as a definite answer.  They have so many outside influences that challenge their blended family. I can only say they are a work in progress, and we will see.

After Church: Walking Worthy….After the Benediction! Is the second book in the “Greatest Love Series” will those who have not read the first book be able to pick up and understand what’s happening? 

Yes, someone who only reads After Church will be able to follow without reading the first novel, All I’ll Ever Ask.  I have a great editor who kept me on track for this to be read as a stand-alone.

Tell us more about you Genevieve, what else do you do aside from writing fiction?

Outside of writing fiction, I am a wife of nineteen years; I have 3 children and a Shi-Zu. I work full time as an Inside Sales Rep in the Hydraulic and Pneumatic Industry.  I love the Lord and helping others. My favourite hobby is to read. I also enjoy exercise, and spending time with my family.

Do you have any plans for future sequels, different books, or perhaps different ventures altogether?

Yes, I have definitely caught the self-publishing bug.  I have a spin-off due to come out in June, 2016 titled Dawn and Autumn. A glimpse of these characters can be found in After Church.   I plan to write and publish as long as the characters speak to me.  I taught Children’s Church for over a decade, I am a developing a children’s story as well.

You have strong beliefs, and you stand by these in your writing.  Do you find that your belief helps you write good fiction or do you find yourself battling with what you believe and what your characters may want to do?

Wow, great question, the characters that I write are on a journey, their path’s lead them to areas, that Genevieve the author have not personally travelled.  Therefore, the characters may say or do things, that anyone who knows me personally will be shocked I wrote it.  However, these books are fictions not my biography.  I have no hesitation; to write what the character feels like saying or doing that may include areas that contradict my personal beliefs.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Do you have a favourite author or book that you admire?

I draw my inspiration from life, dreams, and current events.  I have a host of authors I enjoy from diverse genres.  I can’t name just one in particular; I must say I enjoy self-published authors more than mainstream.

Where can our readers find out more about you?  Do you have a website that we can find out more about you and your work, or is there a way to contact you?    Readers can find me at the following places:





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