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With historical and fantasy elements, “Humanity: An Heir to Empire” may appeal to certain reader groups.  However, the protagonist is a 12-year-old boy.   Would you class your book as young adult fantasy fiction? Or who do you think would enjoy reading this?

Good question. The book is adult fiction, but it’s the sort I would have enjoyed reading as a kid. Books like Ender’s game and The Shining both have young protagonists, but with adult themes. It’s that sort of book.

What was your inspiration for writing “Humanity: An Heir to Empire”?

A little over a decade ago, my critique group held a short story contest with a theme that escapes me at the moment. However, the short that I wrote for it became this book. I wanted a take on the ‘eternal child’ theme that was uniquely mine and I’d seen only a few days before a Discovery channel show on nanites where they predicted that they could affect aging. A light came on.

Edgar, the hero of the story, encounter many difficult situations, at such a young age.  What event has help develop him into the hero that he is?

His ‘father’ has, since the death of his wife when the boy was six, has plotted to ruin Edgar’s self-esteem. He’s seriously misjudged the boy. Every trick the man knows only makes Edgar more determined.

What was the most enjoyable and the most challenging part to write in “Humanity: An Heir to Empire”?

I love writing young characters in stressful situations. When they come out of it, I feel like I’ve accomplished the same myself. It cheers me up.

Can you tell us more about you?  What else do you do aside from writing fiction?

I was an assistant manager for RadioShack until 2012. Don’t get me started. However, my parents moved into my home and I take care of them. It’s the only money I make outside of writing. I tried to get other work, but it hasn’t happened yet.

What has inspired you to write, and share these stories with others?

 I wrote my first story in junior high school. I’ve loved to read as far back as I can remember and I can’t recall a time where I didn’t read outside of my age group. One story I tell is that every time I pulled a thick biography off a shelf to read, the librarian would make me read passages to make sure I wasn’t just some kid wanting to deface the books. Apparently, that’s a thing.

What will you be working on next, do you have plans for a sequel to “Humanity: An Heir to Empire” or do you have any other ideas?

I have a sequel in mind, but first I’m working on a thriller with a teen serial killer as the main character. Also, I have a alternative history based around King Edward V, one of the princes in the tower.

What words of guidance would you offer to someone who was interested in writing similar work to you?  Is there a set of rules you follow?

Write what you love, not necessarily what the markets follow. Passion is necessary to keep the energy going and the motivation. I’m a natural procrastinator and if I didn’t love what I’m writing, it wouldn’t get done at all.

Where can our readers find out more about you, what you’re working on, or even contact you?

I have a twitter handle: @WriterDavidH and that’s the best place to find me. I plan to get a writer’s blog going, but right now the only blog I write is my depression blog that I use when I’m really down on myself. It’s at dhewco.livejournal.com.

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