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Can you tell us more about your book The Memoirs of ‘I’” What exactly is it about?

Of course! The Memoirs of ‘I’ covers the years 2014 to 2015, providing a daily encounter with my writings, visions, dreams and thoughts, allowing the reader to see the world from a different perspective. It is philosophical and soulful, and gives a wonderful insight into the mind of a thinker. This is a book that should be read by anyone who wishes to see through another’s eyes, or by those who want to look anew at the simple and extreme thoughts lying behind our existence.

This is not your first book, you previously wrote Underneath my Soul”.   For those who are unfamiliar with your work, what is different in The Memoirs of ‘I’”?

‘Underneath my Soul’ was written over a 10 year period of my life and consists completely of poetry.  On the other hand, The Memoirs of ‘I’ consists of topics ranging from my dreams, travels, politics, religion, fears, earth, existence and many more.  It is a daily wonder of thought and a challenge I set upon myself to allow the reader to see and to join in.

What moments of your life have you decided to share with us in The Memoirs of ‘I’”?

I share not so much my daily activities but more of the actions from myself and others around me which influenced my thoughts.  I ask questions about all subject which lead to other subjects.

I understand it covers one year of your life.  Was it difficult to pick which year you were going to focus on, or was this something you planned, and thought, for the next 365 days I will take a record, so that I can share my story with others?

It began as a casual diary but I quickly realised that I was not writing in the “normal” diary form therefore I unconsciously started to self reflect daily as I was going through many things at this time in my life.  It became very therapeutic for me and midway through The Memoir, I then started to focus on how I could help others and make them see a little differently also.  It was such a natural process.

What was your inspiration to write The Memoirs of ‘I’, and why do you want to share it with others?

Mainly it was to find out more about myself, to delve into my soul and make it move.  I was inspired by my own confusion within and decided to share it because I realised that many others out there may be feeling the same but are unable to express themselves.  I wanted to be there for them as a friend because I know how lonely it can be in this world at times.

Who do you think will enjoy reading The Memoirs of ‘I’?

Anyone who wishes to see through another’s eyes.  Someone who asks a lot of questions and wonders what goes through someone else’s mind at times.  People who may be lost, lonely or full of soul.  Someone who feels dark but wishes to see a light somewhere.

Now, can you tell us a bit more about you?  Who are you, and what do you do aside from writing?

I am Yolanda:) I come from Scotland but are up with Irish/Italian roots.  I study Classical Studies at university and Modern Greek.  I love to play the guitar, write poetry, read philosophy and travel.

If you couldn’t write, what would you focus your creativity on?

I would draw and paint or at least attempt it!

What will you be working on next, do you have plans for any further books, or any other ventures?

I am always writing but I don’t plan on writing.  I like it to come natural as I feel that is the best quality of writing therefore for now I am not planning any further books until I have shared The Memoirs of ‘I’.

Who in you view, is the most inspiration author of our time, and why?

To be honest, I cannot answer that, I believe all authors are inspirational because they are doing what they love.  It is for the individual reader to suggest who inspires them the most.

Where can our readers find out more about you, is there a way to contact you?

Yes! I would love to hear from any readers! I am always looking to hear from other writers, readers, reviewers and in general, anyone who thinks!

My official website: www.yolandadeiuliis.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/YolandaDeIuliis/


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Yolanda De Luliis