Tell us more about your book “518k9Ww3TYL. SX312 BO1204203200 ”, what is it about?

The story we follow in Warrior Village is tinged with the struggle that the two main characters go through. Two twin sisters grow up in separate villages; one as a civilian and one as a warrior. They lived on the same island but they may as well be from different worlds. Along with the political problems that the kingdom is dealing with, they also conquer the trials of understanding each other, learning from each other, keeping it all a secret, and dodging the danger that is forever headed their way.

“Warrior Village” is the first book in the “Warriors of Araynia” Series, can you tell us more about the series and what we can expect to see in future books?

Future novels in the Warriors of Araynia series will go into more detail about the problems between the leaders of seven islands of Araynia. You’ll get a chance to meet new characters with their own conflicts, and continue the journey with characters you already know and love. Their stories will have to intersect if they are ever going to truly put their broken world back together.

It great to see another fantasy book with a lead female.  Would you say your book is directed at female readers, or will males enjoy the read too?

I am proud to say that Warrior Village is a novel that can be enjoyed by both male and female readers. The main character is a complex woman, with a personality that is easy to relate to and sympathise with. However, she is also a top level, no nonsense warrior. She is intelligent, strong, and very competitive towards her fellow warriors. She’ll capture the minds of any reader. And if she doesn’t; her sister will.

What was your inspiration for “Warrior Village”?

My inspiration for Warrior Village came from my relationship with my own sister. We have always been very close. Despite differences or distances, we always come together with a special connection. Mix that with action and adventure, and it is a thrilling story even for the writer.

Were there any events in the book that you really enjoyed writing about?  And likewise, were there any scenes or events that you found difficult?

Well, my absolute favorite scenes to write were when either of the twins show their thoughts about the village that they live in. It’s great to be able to know descriptions of the world through their eyes, and also to discover right from the source that something is missing in their lives.

Can you tell us more about you, what do you do when you are not writing?

I am continuously studying business, psychology, and international relations to keep a diverse perspective. Aside from writing, my hobbies are horseback riding, crocheting, and Chinese calligraphy.

If you would suggest one author and one piece of literary work to be your all-time favourites, what would they be?

Definitely Graceling by Kristin Cashore. The novel is very inspiring and beautifully written.

So we know that there will be more books in the “Warriors of Araynia” series, but do you have any other plans for books, or any other ventures?

Yes, there is. I am currently working on a Science fiction piece called “Captain Chey’s Memories”. I’m very excited about this novel as well. It will be thoroughly enchanting.

If you hadn’t found writing as a way to express your creativity and share stories, what other mediums would you choose?

Without writing, my creativity would have fallen to my art work for sure. Acrylic paint and pencil portraits are my most talented forms.

Finally, where can our readers, find out more about you and your work?  Is there a way to contact you?

Sure, there is! You can find out more information at or send comments and questions directly to me at

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