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‘In Search of Purpose’ reveals that life is a series of processes that have been orchestrated to teach us lessons at the various stages of our lives; not simply for ourselves but others who will intersect our paths. And as we relinquish our innate desire for control, this allows God to lead and guide us into what he has called for us to do on Earth. So while we think our purpose is one thing, ‘In Search of Purpose’ helps us to understand how and why there’s much more in store.


About the Author: Jacquetta Bullock

‘In Search of Purpose’ is the result of Jacquetta’ Bullocks journey but the depiction of the sufferings of many. In August 1990, God heard her desperate cry for help and answered. Over the past two and half decades, God’s forgiveness, love, grace and mercy delivered and restored the broken and fragmented pieces of her old life into a dedicated life in Christ and a commitment to serve others. Jacquetta Bullock is a wife, a mother of 3 and a grandmother of beautiful girls.

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