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Con artist, Portia Lumas, was once a wealthy woman, who was married to a well-known surgeon. She had it all, until one mistake cost her everything. She bails on her court date for fear of going to jail and decides to skip town with her young daughter, Sophia, in tow. Using different aliases and stolen credit cards, the pair settles in a new state.

With the body of a grown woman, Sophia’s curves are dangerous! Now a teenager, Sophia, utilizes her seductive skills and becomes a force to be reckoned with. She will do anything to keep mother-dearest happy. Sophia and Portia’s relationship is inseparable. When their backs are against the wall, they take measures into their own hands. When a murder occurs in their neighborhood, the pair leaves town and head overseas.

Portia befriends Adalbert, a wealthy businessman. He furnishes her a place to stay, among other things. Once settled, Sophia has plans of her own that don’t sit well with Adalbert. Meanwhile, Portia marries Adalbert, who quickly finds out about his wife’s candid past and uses it against her to get rid of her daughter. When things don’t go the way Portia anticipates, there is hell to pay. Through all the turmoil, deceit, and transgressions, can Portia and Sophia make it back to the states alive?

Inseparable is a twisted, dramatic, and fast paced story about how far a daughter will go to protect her mother.  


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